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Video: Meet The Dude Who's Tired of Hillary's Shadow

by Jeremy Hooper

B. Obama sat down yesterday to kibitz with T. Russert. Here's the gay stuff:

Hmm...perhaps a little different in terms of marriage than we've usually heard from Barack? His schpiel has typically been along the lines of "marriage is a religious custom so I only support civil unions." But this time he left the religion part out, and instead says, "I have not said that I was a supporter of gay marriage, but I am a strong supporter of civil unions and I would, as president, make absolutely certain that all federal laws pertaining to married couples, benefits pertaining to married couples, are conferred to people, same-sex couples who have civil unions as well." To us, this actually sounds like a welcome change, with the operative portion being the "I have not said that I was a supporter of gay marriage" part. Sure he hasn't SAID he's fully in support of marriage equality. Neither have any of the leading Dem candidates, even though we fully imagine that they, like most reasoned adults of their mindsets, ARE truly supportive of the concept when in pleasant, private company (it's not, after all, that difficult to grasp). But are these sorts of lines just code-wording by politicians whose staffers tell him that that voicing full marriage support would have them polling at Mike Gravel levels? It might be wishful thinking, but this latest from Barack kind of comes across to us like an, "I'm there, just play along with me for now" sort of speech.

Moving on to the McClurkin situation, however -- Yea, we get the whole part about needing to reach out and embrace other communities. We really do. But what Mr. Obama is still ignoring is the degree of antipathy that Donnie McClurkin has shown for the LGBT community! If any of Obama's other supporters had called ANY other minority group's characteristics "http://www.goodasyou.org/good_as_you/2007/10/mcclurkin-i-was.htmla curse" or accused that group of "...trying to kill our children," they would've most definitely been pulled from the campaign (and rightfully so). But not only was McCLurkin allowed to stay on the tour, but he was given a PROMINENT platform to further espouse his views, and virtually no counterpoint was added to the tour (thus squandering the opportunity to create a "teachable moment" out of the situation). As with so many other LGBT matters, the weight of this whole deal was lot on the mainstream media, thus the reason why Tim Russert failed to press Barack on this to the deserved degree. However, the importance of this has not been lost on many of us in the LGBT community, and it's going to take much more than lip service regarding the need to embrace diverse viewpoints to heal this wound.

‘Meet the Press’ transcript for Nov. 11, 2007 [MSNBC]

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Aren't Kucinich and Gravel leading Dem candidates?

Posted by: jslo | Nov 12, 2007 3:55:59 PM

No. Unfortunately.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Nov 12, 2007 3:58:50 PM

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