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Video: Putting the Curtis situation to bed

by Jeremy Hooper

Last night, MSNBC's Dan Abrams covered the Richard Curtis situation, and interviewed the Washington lawmaker's alleged tryst, Cody Castagna. Check it out:

Alright, so for our purposes, the matter is pretty much over. We have never passed judgement either way about the merits of the extortion case, because such is of little to no interest to us. There is an investigation here that needs to be carried out, but it is a personal situation between Curtis and Castagna. The big story for us, no matter how much Pat Buchanan wishes to deny it, is Republican hypocrisy -- voting one way and living another. And the facts in this case have further shed led on such, and will hopefully lead more people to realize that one is not a "family values" person simply because they say they are.

We wish you no harm, Richard Curtis. We just hope that both you and every lawmaker (Dem or Repub) in this country will learn from this, and begin to look more carefully at their own lives before casting stones at ours.

More GOP Hypocrisy- Another Gay Republican Exposed [YouTube]

*ALSO: Vote in Dan Savage's poll: What Will Richard Curtis Say?

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Your thoughts

Hillary Clinton's chokehold on the nomination means she'll be the next president unless she or the Democrats repeat the phenomenal blunders that were a trademark of their 2000 and 2004 campaigns.

Her purely cosmetic differences with Republicans on the central questions of the war, union busting, cruelty to immigrants, and the fight against bigotry, plus the fact that many right wing totalitarian christians have embraced her and are raising money for her makes her a sure winner.

The icing on the cake for Hillary is the unending Republican sex show. Curtis's escapades with rented boys in sex shops wearing panties are the latest. For closeted queers in the GOP, life is a nightmare concoction of fear and frustration of their own making. Stephanie Coontz, noted leftist scholar on sex roles says "For people who take an old testament approach homosexuality is so dissonant from their notion of morality that they have to lie 98% of the time." Robert Jay-Green of the anti gaybashing group Rockway Institute agrees, saying "They risk losing their careers, their family, and the cost is so high for them to accept their same-sex attractions that many of them are still remain closeted. And being closeted is like being in prison."

It's also as old as time. James Buchanan, the 'bachelor" president was followed in 1860 by Abe Lincoln, whose bedmates were men and who compared his marriage to 'Purgatory." Often the closet produces real monsters. J. Edgar "Mary" Hoover used to shoehorn himself out of this lace undies and frock and waddled down to FBI headquarters to order the arrest of 'reds' and 'faggots'. Republican Senator Joe McCarthy's boytoy Roy Cohn did much the same.

Democrats and Republicans alike have been 'victims' of their own fear and internalized homophobia; they include LBJ aide Walter Jenkins, 1964; NY Democrat US Rep. Fred Richmond, 1978; Maryland GOP US Rep. Robert Bauman, 1980; Mississippi GOP US Rep. Jon Hinson, 1981; Dem. US Rep. Gerry Studds, MA. 1983; GOP lobbyist-suicide Craig Spence 1989; MA. Dem. Barney Frank 1989; NJ Dem. Governor James McGreevey 2004; GOP Utah State Rep. Brent Parker 2004; VA GOP US Rep. hopeful Ed Schrock 2004; GOP shill Jeff Gannon 2005; GOP Spokane WA mayor Jim West 2005.

This latest pathetic batch of closet cases including Craig, Haggard, and that Republican jackass from Florida whose name escapes me are driving the last nails in Republicans hopes for 2008. That's why by the spring of 2009 we'll be chanting "Hey, Hey, Hil ler ry, how many kids did you kill today."

Posted by: Bill Perdue, RainbowRED | Nov 1, 2007 1:50:24 PM

Wow. In the immortal words of Janeane Garofalo:
"Is being an idiot like being high all the time?"

Posted by: eschewv | Nov 1, 2007 3:39:31 PM

Will someone please teach Comrade Perdue how to crochet or some other hobby, or chip in to buy him a puppy or something. Like human lint he attaches his pathological hatred of Hillary to everything. "What did you think of the World Series." "Did you see how dishonest Hillary was being about what baseball team she supports?" "How's the food at Mom's Diner?" "Did you know that Hillary threatened to kill Chelsea if she experimented with any kind of Saphism at college?" "Do you have the time?" "It's time to run Hillary and all the capitalist lackey Democrats out of office and out of the country."

As for the real focus of the thread, someone should create a site with one of those automatically updating calendar/clocks a la the Backwards Bush clock or how much money Bill Gates made today, though in this case the theme would be "Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds Since The Last Closeted Repug Was Busted or Resigned."

This is your chance for fame and maybe even a TV interview by everyone's favorite closet queen talking head, Anderson Cooper!

See: www.backwardsbush.com

[Less interesting but even more reliable (and time consuming) would be one called "Seconds Since Comrade Perdue Demonized A Democrat."]

Posted by: Leland Frances | Nov 1, 2007 4:01:00 PM

On a much more mundane level, what the hell were they doing with a stethoscope?

Posted by: Mike in the Tndra | Nov 1, 2007 9:27:42 PM

Forgive Frances, he’s channeling Roy Cohn again.

Posted by: Bill Perdue, RainbowRED | Nov 2, 2007 12:57:11 AM

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