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Video: Snowball without chance in hell condemns us to same

by Jeremy Hooper

Ah, the primary season. A time for our nation to give a platform to those who have demonstrated the sort of leadership that makes them deserved of their party's nomination. A time for the American public to get a better understanding of the issues and where the individual candidates stand on those pressing matters. And a time for comically short-sighted regular Joes to take to the Internet and try and make a go for our nation's top office:

Yes, the above is a man named Gerald Polley, a Bismarck, North Dakota-based psychic who is waging an Internet campaign to earn himself the Republican nomination and ultimately the presidency. And those are his views on gay citizens, the likes of whom he not only wants to deny equal unions, but also "the Kingdom of God." Because the mark of any good leader is their ability to look at the whole body of people over which they will hold court, and then proceed to declare why, exactly, their tax-paying existences are not fit for either society or Heaven.

Was it Kennedy, Lincoln, or this writer's insane uncle Bill who said, "F**k the gays -- this nation belongs only to those who hold one narow theological outlook!"? I never can remember.

**Read more about Mr. Polley's bid:
For God and country: Candidate running on divine inspiration [The Bismarck Tribune]

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