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You fight our rights and YOU'RE the nauseous one? REEEEAAALLLY!?

by Jeremy Hooper

Coach Dave Dubernmire of Pass the Salt Ministries has posted one of the most virulent anti-gay commentaries we've encountered in recent days. He calls the "charming" and "eloquent" display:

I'm Homo-Nauseous

Read it if you must.

Our solution for Mr . Dubernmire's nausea? For him to take any one of these popular "pro-family" tummy soothers:

4 out of 5 people who prefer doctors to dogmatists recommend them!

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Your thoughts

i emailed him the following message:

i am sorry but your references are wrong. the sites you linked to do not tell the entire story of each controversy.

for exampe, i noticed that you linked much to the mass resistance site and especially the david parker situation.

in the first place, no one was trying to indoctrinate parker's son. he simply brought home a book that included a same sex family.

david parker kept complaining to the school, even though he was told that homosexuality was not a part of his child's curriculum. It culminated with parker getting arrested as a publicity stunt. he claimed that the school did not comply with his request to exclude his child out of discussions of same sex families, even if such discussions were to happen spontaneously (apparently a few of his son's classmates came from same sex households). the school told him that discussions about same sex households are not included in the district opt out policy because discussions of families are not the same as discussions of sex. The school told him this after seeking the advice of district office. they also him that they could not keep students from talking about their families.

Parker refused to leave the school after the meeting and was arrested. conveniently mass resistance "just happened" to be there to take pictures of the incident.

a year after his arrest, parker and mass resistance told the lie that his son was attacked because of his father's stance. the school investigated, the area police investigated, the area social services agency investigate. all found that the claim was a lie.

just wanted you to know the type of folks you are taking info from. you claim to be "homo-naseuous." it is apparent that you do not feel the same way about lies.

i also posted it on his site. bet he wont post it

Posted by: a. mcewen | Nov 13, 2007 5:57:23 PM

Wow. That was amazingly close-minded. The only argument I saw in the entire piece was "if you don't agree with the majority then you are wrong". I believe that is my definition of being narrow-minded. If he so sick of it, why doesn't he just turn off his television, his computer, his radio and stay away from all things media-related?

I was actually tempted to leave a comment that said: Guess what? We're tired of all the diaper commercials, the hetero couples walking down the beach to happiness, the penis/vagina grinding in mainstream Hollywood films, the pressure to confirm, the mocking when we don't assimilate, etc., but felt it wouldn't make a difference.

I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure that most of us just want to live our lives and love who we chose without having anyone poor sour milk in our bowl of Cuckoo Poofs (their term, not mine -- although I did make it up for them). It isn't my intent to shove my lifestyle in their ass (how's that for deviant?); however, I would like to be able to hold my partner's hand or kiss him in public.

...you know, just like they've been shoving on us since the first human showed affection.

Oh, right. That would have been Adam & Eve 6,000 years ago.


Posted by: Howard | Nov 13, 2007 6:18:04 PM

Oh! I forgot! LOVE the medicine bottles.

Posted by: Howard | Nov 13, 2007 6:23:44 PM

So I sent him this - please note I'm being somewhat sarcastic:

As an out and proud deviant I'm also homo-nauseous.

I'm also sick of my fellow deviants trying to force normal people to accept our lives.

I accept how the Bible, the Koran and the Torah feels about how I choose to live my life and for the life of me

I wish my fellow perverted deviants would also learn and accept that.

I accept that because I choose to be a perverted deviant that normal people are going to constantly tell me that I'm going to suffer because their choice of religion says so.

I have to accept the fact there’s a multi-million dollar industry (tax-exempt no less) created just to combat me and my fellow perverts – just because we want to stay employed, rent or own property, serve our country, and marry each other and not become victims of crimes solely because of the fact we’re not normal.

But then that would be special rights – but hey religious people have those special rights so why can’t deviants have those special rights as well?

Granted certain religious people do have God on their side and all we have is our government who we elected to serve all people and the media who just want to make money regardless of who side you’re on.

But I’ve gotten off topic – I just wanted to say thank you and I agree with you. I’m also homo-nauseous and I sincerely wish my fellow perverted deviants would accept we are not like normal people.

Posted by: Alonzo | Nov 13, 2007 8:19:38 PM

So I got the following response from Mr. Dubernmire:

"Oh you are normal people....your behavior is not......

My brother is a normal person....but he drinks too much...some call him an alcoholic.....his behavior is clearly not normal. But we love him....and he doesn't try to force America's school children to accept his abnormal behavior as normal.

I'm a normal person...but I think homosexuality is abnormal....now folks want to call me abnormal for having normal feelings...

Go figure..."

You know what kills me I can accept that people like him have perverted their own faith and to be honest I could care less since I'm not a follower of an Abrahamic religion.

What really gets under my skin is that it's okay to base their dislike of homosexuals based how how the feel about it yet when we tell them how we truly feel it's just written off as us having an addiction problems or a it's some form of mental defect.

I so sick of being told it's my behavior when in fact it so beyond that.

Posted by: Alonzo | Nov 13, 2007 9:54:57 PM

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