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A Criticism Carol: Pete visited by ghosts of biases past

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images  Good As You Images Picture-8-4-2-2-2Our ol' two step partner Peter LaBarbera is now lashing out against DiversityInc magazine's Luke Visconti, becasue Luke recently penned a column in which he pointed out that the Bible has been used throughout history to justify all sorts of wrongs (just like Pete uses the Bible to justify gay hostility). Pete says of Luke's words:

Did you know that in the eyes of some liberal, pro-homosexual advocates, you are the moral equivalent of the KKK? Actually, this is nothing new: radical “gay” activists have been making this absurd and hateful analogy for years. This is why I tell religious people all the time: disabuse yourself of the idea that homosexual activists and their liberal fellow travelers ”respect” your faith or your right to live it out in the public square. They don’t; they despise your Bible-centered morality, and are quite willing to demonize you for it.
[Luke] Visconti’s column cites a 19th Century pastor who used the Bible to justify slavery, and claimed that I am his modern-day equivalent. He also cites the Ku Klux, fascism and other evil or misguided causes which were defended by Christian leaders. (We apologize but the DiversityInc site is having problems so we are not able to provide excerpts of his column at this time.)

Well we don't know why, exactly, Pete had so much trouble accessing Luke's article, as we had little problem. But regardless of whether Pete's failure to cite actual quotes was due to tech problems or Pete's sheer distaste for transparency -- Here now is the portion in which Luke pointed out the comparison between past discriminatory pushes and Pete's current one:

Picture 4-102
Picture 7-85

And the thing is this: All Luke has done in the above section is accurately present facts. He is showing his readers that in past days, the above men used their faith to justify various bits of bias. He hasn't gone to extreme lengths to make the connection between Pete's queer opposition and the past. He is simply saying that in the past, there have been several leaders who have gotten on a pulpit and encouraged folks to shun particular sects of society in order to please God. Even if you personally think the anti-gay rights fight is different from the past ones, you can't deny the similarities between them!

By highlighting past misuses of Christianity, Mr. Visconti isn't "despising" or "demonizing" "Bible-centered morality." He is trying to free the concept of morality from the hands of those who have hijacked it for their own self-centered and myopic purposes! It's obvious why Pete would be uncomfortable with Luke running down some of the misguided teachers of the past, as such does and SHOULD remind modern-day folks that history is filled with false prophets, religious bullies, and otherwise good people who made the mistake of favoring discrimination over diversity. It's up to each of us to decide if Pete falls into one of these three categories, or if he belongs to a fourth category that has never before been seen in our world: A group whose persecution of a minority will be remembered as righteous. But unfortunately for Pete, his protestations will not be enough to change the role in which he and his legacy will be cast

DiversityInc Mag Publisher Visconti Compares LaBarbera to Slavery Advocate [AFT]

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