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Audio: A meeting of the fringe, queer-hostile minds

by Jeremy Hooper

We often wonder if people like Peter LaBarbera and Mike Heath realize that even many members of their own evangelical team find their extremist anti-gay attitudes off-putting. Judging by this exchange that the two men shared when Pete guest-hosted "The Sandy Rios Show," it appears that they've received that memo:

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Oh, but of course Pete and Mike justify the "persecution" they receive by claiming that the Bible predicts they'll be shunned for their beliefs. How convenient. And typical. And intellectually lazy.

But hey, at least Pete and Mike know that others are disquieted by their rhetoric. And as us 80's babies learned long ago, "knowing is half the battle":

Now it's time for them to come around to the battle's other half: pulling their heads from their arses so that they can see the world's queer inhabitants for who and what they truly are! They may think the Bible predicts that they will be vindicated in the end. We, however, KNOW that history books predict those of us on the side of nondiscrimination will have the last laugh.

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