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Bias soldiers on; we try and defuse the verbal grenades

by Jeremy Hooper

I don't know but I've been told

I don't know but I've been told

That some Military.com readers are disturbingly bold

That some Military.com readers are disiurbingly bold

John from Average Gay Joe just tipped us off

John from Average Gay Joe just tipped us off

To the following comments, which made us scoff

To the following comments, which made us scoff

The first section is in response to generals who wrote a letter against Don't Ask, Don't Tell (put your own [sic]s where needed, as there are too many errors to mark them all):

Picture 22-12

"This needs to go away. Leave our military alone--no more sicko social engineering...The are not fit to be in our military. They put the force at risk."

"the doctrine of military necessity mandates that only the most fit-physically, mentally, and otherwise-should be serving in any military branch. The dirty little secret these idiot retired brass are trying to gloss over, is that intrinsic to the homosexual lifestyle is a number of nasty little diseases not at all seen in the hetero world, not the least of which is AIDS.And beside those bugs, there is also a little thing called "gay bowel syndrome", obviously again peculiar to the gays,a case of which would also likely render a service member unfit for duty. Finally, the inevitable plethora of sexual harassment, favoritism in promotions, and an overall lack of unit cohesiveness resulting from sexual tension and the "me first" mentality so pervasive to anyone who wears their sexual proclivities on their cuff, would be very bad news indeed."

"I say let the Generals and admirals and also the Congress share a fox hole or have to bunk with a sicko Guy or Lesbian."

"Homo's are PERVERTS period."

"That's the life you get when you choose an immoral lifestyle. Take it a step further. If your child was being taught by a gay/lesbian teacher, tell me truthfully that you wouldn't deep down wonder if they were promoting their lifestyle to your child just a little bit?"

"It is true there are former homosexuals like Stephen Bennett. Even he said it was disgusting and unmanly."

"The Moral decline of the presidency evidenced by bill clintons term in office and the current acceptance of the vp cheney lesbien daughters has finally filtered down to the now enlightened fagot fighter generals levels. Let's face it people, what we fought for in the past is now trash in the meadow when it comes down to a Moral factor. Time to elect hillary and see if there will be a revolution in our own country. Not much left for our kids to look up to anymore. Kruschev said America will fall from within, IS THIS THE START OF IT?"

"Homosexuality is a depravity of Satan. Think about it for one minute! Homosexuals cannot reproduce because it is against Natural Law!"

"The difference between racial discrimination and the attempt to maintain morale, good order and discipline, is that none of us got to choose our race, religion, or national origin, but since devient or unlawful acts are committed by an act of will, making them a crime against the USMJ is perfectly legal."

"also, no one responded to the FACT that even a gay man's sperm instictively swim toward female eggs and impregnate them, without conscious effort from the male or female. (showing biologically, we are wired straight)"

The second is from a thread about a male chaplain convicted of forcing himself on a male midshipman (again, errors in both logic and spelling/punctuation abound):

Picture 22-13

"I can hear it now from gay’s. Being gay has nothing to do with HIV or AIDS. Gay’s in the service should be able to serve openly. How discusting. Definantly shows the difference in right and wrong and the mental state of some people."

"It's time to do away with DADT, and just not allow gays in at all. [...] And it does say the midshipman was in 'his' second year. So it was a homosexual act. Read the story a little better."

"With all the *** [fag?] generals coming out from under the toilet, he probably got the two years for fraternizing and a pass for the rape."

"**** [fags? gays?] are everywhere, anytime...they are watching you.."

"Thats the problem with letting queers in the military.....kind of like letting a strawberry addict loose in a strawberry patch! Lots of berries to pick ! Someone might want to read about Sodom and Gomorrah and see what their mindset really is! imho"

"It seems that you cant trust the Catholic Faith anymore. What is the deal with the sodomy and rape of men? Why does some young boy's *** [ass?] seem more apealing then a nice juicy peach? Oh yah, if the midshipmen allowed the Chaplain to give him oral sex, doesnt that mean he is a homosexual? The Navy still has a dont ask dont tell policy. Being a former squid, this makes me SICK.."

"As a Catholic, I have never met a priest who was not a true man of God yet I realize that sadly, homosexuals have invaded this holy profession. They will one day have to account for their serious sins to God, having a higher accountabilty for violating the priesthood. Violating this trust is not only a problem related to priests. A Navy Capt who was a friend of ours, was divorced by his wife who had an affair with a Protestant Chaplain. Be as proactive as you can. I am sickened by the amount of homosexual story lines in TV shows today. Do STOP watching & write the networks that you will not tolerate such immoral displays. The homosexual lobby is trying to take over our traditional family values. Surely evil & sickness prevails throughout our society and unless we take the words of Edmund Burke to heart , we're doomed: 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. '"

"This is so sick and disgusting on so many levels. This guy has tarnished the reputation of everyone he is associated with, the Navy, the Chaplain Corp, the Catholic church, and Officers in general. The only group he is in good stead with is gays in the military, got a nice story for the leather bar about how he nailed a young midshipman."

"Rotten Roots = Rotten Fruit This is 'Fruit' of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Clinton Policy. Who will protect the innocent midshipman or sailor in the military from predatory gays? Where is the 'Honor Guard' of this nation who sets policies for military personnel? Homosexual conduct, forced or consentual is still a SIN in God's eyes. Denial of this fact DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT be part of America's 'tolerance message'. Sin has NEVER been tolerated. Sin separates. Righteousness = doing what is right by God's laws not man's laws. America has a lot of man-made laws that spit in God's face. Judgment is coming.....repentence is available for all. W should all be on our knees praying for God to remove the scrouge of abortion and homosexuality that has become a plague upon this nation.

"This is insane , 'officers" Gentlemen By Act Of Congress , Rape of Undergrade Personnel , When is CONGRESS and America , going to wake up .?. Dont ASK , Dont Tell , Bull_hit , just one more example of WHY the gays(?) lesbians(?) , SHOULD BE BARRED From Military Services , this isnot the first time that it has come to my attention that gays take advantage and in fact have RAPED and forced Sodomy upon Nonranks and Underranks , more so to 'green meat' and problem troops .. Factualy speaking , I have had low enlisted inform me that if they 'wouldnt' put out , they could forget rank . Several did thier enlistments and Got Out , came and informed me of the situation and the 'BRASS' did nothing to remedy or correct the situation .. of such is todays 'Branchs' of the DoD .. Demand for ASK and TELL , then process for 'GENERAL' Discharge , NO Honorable , there is NOTHING , Honorable about a Perverse and unstable individual in command ..."

"homosexuality is wrong; just like stealing, just like lying, and there's no room for any of it in our armed forces. The rape that he did should be punished with the full extent of military law. nuff said"

"Well what next? Forcible sodomy is no different than rape. Gays have no place in the military and this is the kind of dispicable act that occurs now that you have let them out of the closet. Don't ask, don't tell...my foot. This country is being force fed this crap that this type of deviant behavior is some kind of normal. See the reult of normal. When has the military been so desparate for bodies that they tolerate this type of behavior and allow these type of people to serve. Well you opened up Pandoro's box and now it is going to be impossible to close it."

Now, it should be noted that in both of these threads, as well as equally "charming" ones on topics like "curing homosexuality," there are pro-gay voices that try to bring reason to a place of prominence. However, it's frustrating to know that our military, through its short-sighted treatment of gays, emboldens the voices that paint gays in a lesser-than light. They can always turn to DADT and say, "If gays are so fantastic, why do we have to have a policy against them?" And they can always use this against us to say that it's because we can;t be trusted to keep our bullets in our guns and our guns in our pants. The government is giving anti-gays a wellspring of fuel for their anti-gay rhetoric, and far too many are just accepting the historical misstep as policy. It's got to end!!

We leave you now but we'll never quit

We leave you now but we'll never quit

Until we see an end to biased bullshit

Until we see an end to biased bullshit

That's not a threat, it's just a fact

That's not a threat, it's just a fact

Our demands for justice are not an act!

Our demands for justice are not an act!

**SEE ALSO: "60 Minutes" this Sunday will run a story on Don't Ask, Don't Tell and one brave soldier, Army Sergeant Darren Manzella, who is daring to serve openly

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Your thoughts

Reading comments like these always terrify me. I'm always aware that people like this actually exist, but just seeing a big block of comments like this. Seems like some giant anti-gay rally. When is the world going to grow up and stop the mindless gay-bashing?

Posted by: Christopher | Dec 14, 2007 3:58:55 PM

It is terrifying.

And these people carry guns and can vote? Somehow, I'm reminded of an opinion column in the UK Mirror dated 11-5-04 entitled "God Help America". A copy is over at
http://www.rense.com/general59/Godhelpamerica.htm and other places.

Maybe it's a bit off-topic, but these people remind me of the commando-in-chief's mentality. Scary.


Posted by: Dave B. | Dec 14, 2007 5:18:46 PM

Dave: It represents a small portion of the folks in the military, not all and I personally believe not even the majority. Many of those comments came from former servicemembers, who grew up and served during a different era. I didn't pass these on to Jeremy to slander the military as a whole but to expose some of the bigotry gays face. Not everyone who opposed repealing DADT commented in such a despicable manner. You have to also keep in mind a saying from when I was in the Navy: "a bitching sailor is a happy sailor". In essence, we'd always find something to bitch about and repealing DADT is a change to something unknown and unfamiliar to many of them. Once DADT is repealed I strongly suspect that you'll find the opposition become even more muted as folks see that the change really isn't that much and some find out that their mates are gay. As for The Mirror's column, it is patently absurd. Perhaps if the Democrats would do a better job of picking their candidates the liberal-minded in Europe might find somebody more to their liking in the White House.

Posted by: John | Dec 16, 2007 12:40:42 PM

Ho hum, here we go again... The most obvious refutation of this drivel is all those openly gay soldiers serving in the armies of other nations without causing any of the sky-will-fall nonsense being proposed above.

Or are we to assume that the supposedly mighty US Army is actually weaker than those of other nations since it's so threatened by this issue?

Posted by: John C | Dec 16, 2007 1:08:21 PM

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