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Gay monopoly on FOF's Xmas list

by Jeremy Hooper

200712210917Twas four nights before Christmas and all through the "pro-family" house, Focus on the Family released their annual "Naughty List," at which we will now grouse.  Check it out below (LGBT ones are highlighted):

10. Red Cross refuses donations of Bibles to California fire victims.

9. California Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, with no children of her own, introduces legislation to ban spanking. She says she got the idea from a law professor at the University of San Francisco, who pointed to European bans on spanking.

8. U.S. Supreme Court refuses to review the city of Oakland's removal of an employee flier because the term "natural family" was deemed "homophobic."

7. More than 100 students suspended in Sacramento-area schools for wearing T-shirts that quote a Bible verse.

6. Public high schools in California have Cross-Dressing Day as part of School Spirit week.

5. School attempts to censor God out of private yearbook ad. To wish their son well upon his graduation, his parents submitted an ad that included the phrase "may God bless your life."
4. Yolo County Clerk (California) issues "Certificate of Inequality" to gay and lesbian couples on Valentine's Day. The certificate says, "I issue this Certificate of Inequality to you because your choice of marriage partner displeases some people whose displeasure is, apparently, more important than principles of equality." The certificate concludes with, "May the God of your choice bless you." 
3. Sacramento Public Library Authority Board refuses to ban Internet access to pornography. Viewing of this state-subsidized access to pornography is in areas where children are present.
2. Federal hate-crimes bill (HR 1592), which could criminalize speech by clergy. In a mischievous attempt to have it signed into law, the bill was later inserted into a massive, unrelated Defense appropriations bill.
1. California governor signs SB 777, which allows public school children to arbitrarily choose whether they should be treated as a boy or a girl.

Now, since everyone knows that this organization's main "focus" in recent years has been far less on protecting the family and far more on keeping gay people from starting their own, it should shock no one that LGBT issues took up a whopping six of the list's ten spots.  It should also come as no surprise that virtually all of the details are being muddied by FOF.  For instance, they completely leave out that the Sacramento-area students' shirts were not adorned with mere Bible quotes, but rather condemnations of gay students ("Sodomy is sin").  Or in regards to the "natural family" situation in Oakland -- they grossly oversimplify the matter to make it seem as if the term "natural family" was the only reason this flier was deemed homophobic, which could not be further from the truth.  Then there are the two big whoppers in the #1 and #2 spots, wherein HR 1592 and SB 777 are, for the umpteenth time this year, made to sound as if they are Christian-targeting, radical measures rather than what they truly are: Ways to alleviate the gross and sometime violent bias that has plagued LGBT lives for far too long.

But who's really surprised that they're being less than truthful?  After all, if gift deservedness were measured by truth-telling, Focus wouldn't even receive a piece of coal! 

So there ya have it, little drummer boys and virgin mothers.  We LGBT folks and our "agenda" managed to piss off Focus on the Family more than any other group.  And to think, we were actually beginning to question whether or not we did enough this year!  Thanks, FOF, for justifying our existence.

2007 in Review: Attacks on Faith, Family and Freedom [FOF]

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Your thoughts

all lies, especially this one:

8. U.S. Supreme Court refuses to review the city of Oakland's removal of an employee flier because the term "natural family" was deemed "homophobic."

What Focus on the Family conveniently DID NOT say was that the employees had used the language of the flyer to harrass a lesbian employee. that is why they were asked to remove the flyer.

Posted by: a. mcewen | Dec 21, 2007 10:04:37 AM

I'm sure they are "all lies" or at least not the whole truth. Can anyone with knowledge of the other points care to comment? Thanks.

Posted by: emjay | Dec 22, 2007 2:35:09 PM

Number 6 is funny, I'm in Florida and nobody ever questioned our spirit weeks where we had "opposite day" to show school spirit.
And number 1 is funny too. My highschool had crossdressing students. And I was treated like a girl...but I think that was in sarcasm.

Posted by: djdavi | Dec 22, 2007 4:37:08 PM

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