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Westboro Baptist wishes you a happy belated Hanukkah

by Jeremy Hooper

This is the title of a recent post on Westboro Baptist Church's blog:

Picture 8-68

And here is some select text from the post:

Hey dummy – you freaks killed Christ!! You have not yet repented!! :crazy: Wake up! You are headed to hell – shut up about all that grinding and get busy giving thought to your own never dying soul! You have not gotten into those scriptures with any discipline and gotten to the bottom of this matter, so keep your Christ-rejecting mouth SHUT – you have nothing to offer so your conversation with the people of God will begin and end here!
ONE FINAL POINT for you unrepentant Jews that killed Christ – the Son of God – we are NOT Mel Gibson – we will NOT run because of your hard words and speeches against us! We know that you bastards are so mean and vicious that you murdered the prophets of old – and you murdered Stephen for reminding you of that – you are of your father the devil and you do HIS lusts and HIS will – he is a murderer and YOU are murderers and liars and the father of lies!! Further, as you are engaging in the most filthy practices and deeds and mean hateful conduct against your fellow man, you will with a straight face try to make a case that the people that tell you plainly what you do and what that means for your never-dying souls, are the bad guys! YES – that is how you pulled off that whole – KILL CHRIST thing! You in fact killed Christ and then, when Pilot pointed out, as you INSISTED that he be killed, that the law doesn’t permit this – you bastards were SO hatful and apparently scary to Pilot the Coward that he tried to wash his hands of the crime and let you have your way – noting that he was righteous. At that point, your forefathers BOUND you to the deed – they said – his blood will be on US and OUR CHILDREN FOR EVER!! So – YOU ARE BOUND!!

Pretty nutty, right? But then again, who's really surprised that they're so anti-Semitic? After all, their heated rhetoric is about the most non-kosher thing to ever grace the landscape!

::sigh:: Now what are gonna do with the mezuzah that we bought for the family's compound?

***NOTE: This complete post can be found on Westboro's website. However, a link from us is something these sillies will never receive.

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