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Huckabee: Mark/Mark miss their namesake

by Jeremy Hooper

200Px-Hot Rod Huckster 1Yesterday in Miami, Mike Huckabee expounded on his gay-centric views. The governor and presidential candidate is quoted as having said:

"Let's understand what sin means -- sin means missing the mark,"..."Missing the mark can mean missing the mark in any area. We've all missed the mark. ... How we miss the mark is less important than we all miss the mark. The mark is that we have marriage -- men and women, they marry, they create children, and they train their replacements and you have a future generation then that creates their replacements and trains them. That's the mark. If we didn't have that as the ideal, we wouldn't have a civilization that was able to perpetuate."

We respond to Gov. Huckster:

"But here's the thing: We understand that this whole 'missing the mark' thing is a view you've pulled from your faith. And that's fine; we all have the right to have our own ideas on what parts of life are 'sin,' and what are simply parts of the human condition. However, we are talking about your potential role as leader of this nation of folks from all walks of life and ideologies. So it is our strong opinion that your Biblical-based ideas of what is and is not 'sin' should be of less concern than your constitutional-based ideas of what is and is not freedom and fairness. Because with all due respect, we could care less whether or not you personally believe Leviticus forbids us from entrance into Heaven. But we have every bit of concern regarding how and why you or any evangelical Christian feel you have the right to use your faith-based views on marriage to define the legal, civil institution for the rest of us.

Gov. Huckabee, you say that men and women marry and create children so that they can 'train their replacements.' But what about when those "replacements" are gay? Because that is what we are or at least SHOULD be talking about here! The simple fact is that a portion of all children are L, G, B, and/or T. But when they grow up and want to find love, you tell them that by sheer means of their existence, they have 'missed the mark' and are therefore unsuitable candidates for marriage. Whereas other humans 'miss the mark' by lying, cheating, stealing, or a whole host of other chosen actions, you say that queers 'miss the mark' for simply being born to love in a non-heterosexual manner. Do you not see how disturbing it is for gay people to think that the person put in charge of running their country could hold such a narrow belief? Or even worse --
make policy on the basis of it!?!

The primary problem we see, Gov. Huckabee, is that folks of your ilk are all-too-often in search of a society that simply DOES NOT EXIST. You guys usually feel that your faith says being gay is a choice, so you deny that gays realistically exist in a non-'changable' form. You feel that marriage is God-ordained as 'man/woman', so you deny the idea that tax-paying gay couples deserve parity on a civl, legal level. You view opposite-sex households as the only ones suitable for raising children, so you just ignore the fact that their are MANY other sorts of arrangements under which children are being successfully reared. And even if we were not gay, that would be the primary reason why we would sooner vote for a can of paint than we would you, Gov. Huckabee. Because you, much like Mr. Bush before you, seem to want to rule over a land that is geared only towards those who subscribe to your own personal beliefs about society's ideals. Those of us who realize that no man deserves the right to define the "ideal" for the totality of reality cannot afford to remain silent while such a myopic outlook is fostered in a supposedly free and church-separated nation!

Huck FL Nod; More on Homosexuality [MSNBC]

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Your thoughts

I HATE CLOSED MINDED BASTARDS LIKE HIM! These are the kind of people who should NOT be president.

Posted by: Sam | Dec 11, 2007 10:36:21 AM

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