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Kelly's ideas: Still 'bogged' down by anti-gay hyperbole

by Jeremy Hooper

Imageserverdb-2-1-1This is how Baptist Press columnist Kelly Boggs sums us gay activists' attitudes and goals in terms of the Boy Scouts (hostility-implying terms highlighted):

Homosexual activists do not want tolerance. They want to force groups, like the Boy Scouts, to accept and validate their lifestyle. If homosexuals and atheists are so opposed to the principles of the Boy Scouts, why don't they go and start their own scouting groups? Then they, as affirmed by the Supreme Court, can set their own membership rules.

Why do homosexual activists
insist on attacking the Boy Scouts? It is a will to power. Either you embrace their lifestyle or they will make every effort to destroy your life and reputation. Thus far, the Scouts -- along with conservative Christian organizations and churches -- are one of the few groups to defy the activists’ demands.

And there they go again -- crying "Wolf!" so as to mask the fact that they, the ones who are fostering bias, are the truly "militant" ones in the culture. Our opposition describes our goals with aggressive terms like "force" and "destroy" and "attack" because the terms that more accurately define our desires ("seeking acceptance," "challenging long-held biases," "demanding respect and humane treatment") hold no fear-mongery weight for them. There every (mis)representation of our lives is guided by their gay-unfriendly socio-political goals, thus the reason why they sound as if their vocabulary is limited to a one page communal dictionary. Their message is that queers are casting the stones, and they stay on that message with the ferocity of a terrier in heat.

What we want, Mr. Boggs, is for your team to STOP TELLING US WHAT IT IS THAT WE WANT! Listen to us. Experience our lives. Get to know some actual gay couples. But until you take those steps towards actual knowledge, stop bearing false witness by so brazenly and baselessly quoting from that OH SO TIRED "pro-family" script! It's only a matter of time before society at large pulls back the curtain.

Philly evicts the Scouts [BP News]

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Your thoughts

Surely Mr. Boggs is aware that his constitutional right to private association does not have to be subsidized by the public? Personally I think it's a mistake to do this against the BSA, but the law is the law. They are free to keep gays out if they wish and we don't have to give them public funds. Seems fair to me...

Posted by: John | Dec 17, 2007 12:20:07 PM

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