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Margie Phelps: Christians 'selling Sodomy' wholesale

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 2-115Remember last week when we showed you a ridiculous Conservative Voice column that was posted under the headline, "How Sodomy Was Sold To America"?  Well we weren't the only ones who took notice of the copulation-peddling how-to manual.  No, no -- Westboro Baptist Church's Margie Phelps (pic.) also stumbled upon the piece of far-right, anti-gay journalism.  And while she's coming from a WAY different place (read: Nuttytown) and a WAY different mindset (read: rabidly anti-everyone who's not a member of her family) than the ones from which we like to operate, Margie is, just like we so often do, responding to the article by calling into question the way folks on the so-called religious right have attacked gays and their relationships.  In a new blog entry, she says in part:

The last people on this earth who should be jabbering about the fag beasts who have a chokehold on this nation are the so-called “Christian fundamentalists” or “Christian right.”  You are to blame!  In your column (found at http://www.theconservativevoice.com/article/29954.html), you’ve identified most of the key strategies they use to run this nation into utter ruin chasing their lust.  The key strategy you left out is that they also use the lies of the “Christians” to shove their filth in the face of this country.  They know that you so-called religious leaders are full of guile, hypocrisy and your own proud sin.  They know that means you have zero moral authority to tell them anything.

Here’s why:  You forsook the standard of God, and substituted your own judgment for God’s plain Word.  You prop up that big fat lie, “God loves everybody,” pretend you own salvation, set a new standard that fits your “values,” and thereby eviscerate the eternal standard.  You did it in your so-called “churches” and organizations for one reason, to wit, to justify your own sin.  Your ranks are filled up with practicing fornicators and practicing adulterers, including divorced-and-remarried people.  Your pews and pulpits are full of proud sinners, who excuse their conduct by saying “God loves everybody.”  We’ve witnessed it thousands of times over the years, on the streets, in the media, in e-mails and phone calls to our church, and so forth.  So long as the money keeps rolling in, you don’t know – or care – how people actually live.
The fags are 100% right when they ask what business you so-called Christians have telling them they can’t marry – and thereby pervert the institution of marriage as God established it (one man, one woman, one life) – when you do the same yourselves every single day!  How many of you columnists for The Conservative Voice are divorced-and-remarried?  How many of the false prophets in the whore houses posing as churches are divorced-and-remarried?  You know the answer is LOTS!

Wake up and smell the filth!  It’s too late!  This nation is in the grips of proud sin, and it was inevitable that the smirking fag would come to the forefront.  When God curses a nation, and gives them up (see Romans 1), you will soon see the fags taking control.  There is no other explanation for why 1% of the population has this entire nation called-to-heel.  One of the primary ways God deals with a nation that rejects him is to send the people hordes of lying false prophets.  That’s you!  You’re the teachers who they’ve heaped to themselves, with itching ears, after their own lust.  You have got to be kidding me, pretending like you’re the ones who are going to tell the truth!  You lie on God with every breath.
You should cut your tongues out and your fingers off before you ever utter or key another word against the fags or claiming to be Christian.  Remember, what you do to us, you do to Christ.  You’re delusional if you think you’re going to get away with how you’ve treated his prophets on the ground for years.  You defile the name of Christ when you line up your phony false doctrine under his name.

So shut up with all the pretend conservatism; get your own house in order; and start obeying God.  Come out from among that leaven-laden filth that you call “American Christianity.”  Nothing else will suffice with the Lord your God at this hour.  The Judge is even at the door; our redemption draweth nigh; and he who inhabiteth eternity will come through the clouds soon with his holy messengers taking vengeance on them who know not God and obey not the gospel.  The group in the biggest trouble at that hour is going to be the fundamentalists of this Godforsaken nation and the lying false prophets.

Wow.  How can we say both "Thanks for sticking up for us by calling out hypocrisy!" and "Holy mother of divine insanity, how does your heart not collapse under the weight of such hate?" in the same breath?  Well, we can't think of a way.  So instead, we'll just be glad that we operate with a mind that doesn't to shun anyone on the basis of who they are, either on a falsely compassionate or unapologetically hostile level.

***NOTE: The full Westboro press release can be found on their website. However, a link from us is something those kids never receive.

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Your thoughts

"Holy mother of divine insanity, how does your heart not collapse under the weight of such hate?"

How many times have I wondered that? They hate so much that their lives must be intolerable. How can they not be absolutely miserable? They hate everyone and blame it on us "fag beasts". They have moved way beyond crazy.

Posted by: Mike in the Tndra | Dec 31, 2007 12:44:54 PM

rabidly anti-everyone who's not a member of her family) than us, Margie is, just like us,

Should it not be..

rabidly anti-everyone who's not a member of her family) than we [are], Margie is, just like we [are],

Just wondering

Posted by: Alan Madsen | Dec 31, 2007 7:29:51 PM

Ok, I get that we are fucked and all that. So I'm wondering, what country in this world would they consider a model? Cuz it seems like everyone in the world is wrong and going to hell except them, even if they wholeheartedly agree with them. They have always condemned the way things are, but I've never heard the way they think things should be.

I mean, christ, how do you get on these people's good side (not that I'd want to)? I'm not sure that you can. Just another example of how WBC is a weird, creepy, cult.

Posted by: brandon H | Dec 31, 2007 7:49:52 PM

Allan: The questionable sentence has been changed completely.

Brandon: There simply is no getting on their good side.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 31, 2007 7:57:23 PM

Wake up and smell the filth!

I'd rather hit snooze than smell filth.

Posted by: Timothy | Jan 2, 2008 3:21:12 PM

Agreed, Timothy. When filth is the first thing I smell in the morning, I decide to just stay in bed all day.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jan 2, 2008 3:38:05 PM

Jesus H Christ. This is absolutely useless & twice as confusing. This site is as manic as the "hush hush" basement of any insane assylum. Seriously. You want to be a fucking faggott or a friggen lesbian & no, I am not talking about the fine people from Lesbos. Then so beit. If u want to be together, fine, but don't you dare for a second call it a marriage. All you get is a civil union plus health & next of kin benefits. but don't you ever fucking dare call it a marriage. A marriage is between man & woman, that is all & the end all. & all anyone should tolerate as far as the marriage & union issue goes. got a problem with it...well, we'll be happy to fix it. The Peoples' Republic of CA & MA are useless to us anyway. By the way, get your damn panties out of a wad, it will help you stop spinning in such a horrible counter-clockwise direction. I find it funny that you have a "boycott McDonalds" sign & yet you have others that read "American Family Association, Traditional Values Coalition, etc" when your lifestyle does not support that in the least. & don't you dare come back with the fat ass Rosie response of "we love & provide for our children." Pure BS. One, might be only 1/2 of your kids two, they need a mother & a father so they can see the relationship & how that plays into society. Don't give me that crap that 2 women or 2 men can give them the same thing that a man & woman can because they flat can't & your argument is dead in the water so don't even start. (By the way my comments are not to be reproduced in any fashion, electronic, print, OTA, or otherwise without expressed written consent by ST5vet. This holds true for any user of the site who wishes to copy my contents for their own use. You will be prosecuted as well as the owner of the site both criminally and personally. All Rights Reserved ST5vet 2008 ©

Posted by: ST5vet | Jul 14, 2008 4:09:28 AM

ST5Vet: Here you go, you lil' sillyhead, you:


Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 14, 2008 9:06:14 AM

Hello Margie,

I am a fellow believing Christian, but to the rest of you people that may read this, that doesn't mean me and her are on the same page.

God loves the whole world, the fags the liars the cheater's etc, everyone. God hates the sin not the sinner though. I've seen a bit of your "popularity" on the internet, the Tyra Banks episode, some picketing interviews, I can't help but remind you that anger and hate are definitely not fruits of the spirit. It's been definitely perceived as well that you judge the world and it's evils, when you know full well that our God and savior is the only judge.

If you want to look through the gospel, Jesus taught us to love the sinners. He says "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." - Matthew 5:9

I understand that you may want peace, but if it's not happening through your actions, it's definitely something to consider.

Above all I'm just trying to say, show God's love because behind all of the broken sinners is someone that needs love, not judgment and the world isn't seeing a God that loves.

Posted by: Tyler Derksen | Sep 9, 2009 2:23:04 PM

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