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Mike, Maine's ALREADY embarrassed by your rhetoric! Why would that change?

by Jeremy Hooper

 Images Mike-HeathThe Christian Civic League of Maine's Mike Heath has never been known for his civility. However, in a recently published piece called "Evanjellyfish," Heath has ratcheted up the discourse to an anti-gay degree so hostile and heated, one might wonder if he's bucking to become Fred Phelps' successor. Consider these passages:

This "gay" ideology is going to go the way of the Berlin wall. It is only a matter of time. It can't come soon enough for me. One person told me the backlash would come in five or ten years. As far as I'm concerned the backlash is going on right now. I'll never give in to these people, these evil ideas. Most Mainers feel the same way I do. They are going to speak. They are going to react. It is only a matter of time. Only a sad and pathetic minority embraces these nutty ideas about sex.

I want Maine to be the place where the "gay" wall starts to crumble. How about you? Lets take the word "gay" back from them. How about the rainbow? Lets take that back also.

The Maranacook Community School in Readfield has a rainbow flag hanging in their lobby. It was placed there by the school's noisy and pathetic "gay" rights student group. Rather than ask that a Christian flag be placed next to it, how about we just take the rainbow back. God gave us the rainbow long before the sexual disorientation mob stole it. The rainbow reminds us of His mercy. He will never destroy the world again with a flood. Let's just tell the loud mouth "gays" that the Rainbow flag belongs to us now. It is a symbol of God's judgment that will fall on them if they persist in their sinful ways. Let's tell them that.

What do you think?

What do we think? Well Mike, we find it unimaginable that your mind could even think to compare gay existences to a wall that divided a nation and caused great strife for 28 years. We find it even more unbelievable that you actually think the backlash soon to come to this nation is one against gays, and not against the "pro-family" people who have cruelly denied humanity to millions of decent people. Also, we think it's unreal that you see the world in a way that deems gay rights an "evil idea," and that you define Christianity in a way that would allow you to write off gay people as nothing more than a "sad and pathetic minority." But most shocking of all, Mike: We simply can't believe you actually think the majority of Mainers or even Americans see the world in the queer-antipathetic way that you do!

Mike, you say you want to take back both the word "gay" and the whole rainbow image. Well, first off, we don't actually know how you plan to seize a term or to prevent folks from using a naturally occurring refraction and dispersion of the sun's light as an image with which they identify. Because Mike, [a] nobody holds actual ownership to these concepts (despite your claim that "God gave [you] the rainbow"), and [b] nobody has prevented you from using either in the way that you see fit. You want to see a world in which the word "gay" means "cold vegetable soup served with a side of saltines"? Then go ahead -- work to make that definition happen! And you want the rainbow to become more associated with tractor pulls than the fight for queer equality? Then have it -- start flying the red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple color combo wherever and whenever you see fit! Nobody is stopping you!!

On that same token, however -- nobody is stopping us from using the terms "pro-family," "values voters," or "Mike Heath" in the ways we see fit. And with comments like the ones above, Mike, you only help to demonstrate why the labels with which you and your buddied self-identify are just so comically flawed! You show to what lengths you are willing to go to demonize queer people, and you help pull the compassionate mask off the face of the anti-gay movement. That's not good strategy, Mike, as unfortunately for you and your team, you don't get to control public perception and the ultimate course of public opinion simply by speaking with more bullish terms. It is us to society itself to make up its mind regarding which values it holds dear, and which deserve to be relegated to the garbage disposal of human history. You might THINK that calling people "evil" and "pathetic" simply because they were born to love in a way different from yourself is something that will find more and more acceptance as time goes by. We, however, think those are the types of hurtful terms that will ultmiately help to free yet another minority from tyranny.

So in a way, thanks for the help, MH!

Evanjellyfish [CCL of Maine]

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Your thoughts

It's instructive comparing this guy's blather to the apology which Desmond Tutu gave this week for the way the church has behaved towards gay people in the past.

I think what you're seeing is the Mike Heaths of the world getting desperate and hysterical as they realise that gay rights are spreading worldwide and that people whose hearts aren't filled with hate and fear don't mind at all. Mike Heath and co will become increasingly marginalised just as overt racists did in the Seventies, reduced to moaning to each other about the terrible state of the world because nobody else is listening.

Posted by: John C | Dec 18, 2007 12:36:27 PM

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