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Nazis/gays: The link they're just dying to make

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 9-61The folks at Sadly, No! have uncovered some passages from Jonah Goldberg's soon-to-be-released book, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, wherein the LA Times columnist and National Review contributing editor links Nazis with gays. Read 'em and weep:

Nazi attitudes toward homosexuality are also a source of confusion. While it is true that some homosexuals were sent to concentration camps, it is also the case that the early Nazi Party and the constellation of Pan-German organizations in its orbit were rife with homosexuals. It’s well-known, for example, that Ernst Rohm, the head of the SA, and his coterie were homosexuals, and openly so. When jealous members of the SA tried to use this fact against him in 1931, Hitler had to remonstrate that Rohm’s homosexuality was “purely in the private sphere.” Some try to suggest that Rohm was murdered on the Night of the Long Knives because he was gay. But the Rohm faction posed the greatest threat to Hitler’s consolidation of power because they were, in important respects, the most ardent and “revolutionary” Nazis.

Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams write in The Pink Swastika that “the National Socialist revolution and the Nazi party were animated and dominated by militaristic homosexuals, pederasts, pornographers, and sadomasochists.” This is surely an overstatement. But it is nonetheless true that the artistic and literary movements provided the oxygen for Nazism before 1933 were chockablock with homosexual liberationist tracts, clubs and journals.

Now, we were going to try and plead the case that by all credible accounts, hundreds of thousands (some say more than a million) gay men were arrested, institutionalized, castrated, or imprisoned in concentration camps to suffer all the cruel abuses that such entails. And we were going to question his accounts of Rohm, as we have heard the story presented in very different (read: COMPLETELY, 100%, 180 degree) ways. However, we then got to the part where Goldberg gives even a degree of credence to Scott Lively, truly one of the most militantly anti-gay men on the face of the planet. And anyone who would even think of giving that particular man and that particular work a citation in regards to gay rights (unless it's in protest of his anti-gay activism and work with the Watchmen on the Walls), loses our ear and concern pretty quickly.

For Sadly No!'s examination, see link:

Journey to the Center of 20,000 Leagues Under the Bottom of the Barrel [SN]
(H/t: The Carpetbagger Report, who note that Pat Robertson made similar Nazi/gay comparisons)

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