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Video: And is the sixth F for 'Freudian'?

by Jeremy Hooper

Queen Latifah just can't escape the chatter that she doesn't need or want a man in her life. In this clip from today's episode of "The View," listen to Sherri Shepherd adding a "fifth F" to the four Fs (food, football, family, fun) that Latifah had previously said she needed for an enjoyable Christmas. And listen closely to Whoopi Goldberg's somewhat muted response to the slip-up:

'A fine man wouldn't help' [YouTube]

**Note: We don't "out" on this site, so it's not to say that this lends any legitimacy to the gay rumors. Those are for you to decide and Latifah to squash or verify. It's just that in light of the recent rumors of a wedding in Latifah's future, this verbal slip struck us as funny.

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