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Video: Gay rights are stupid

by Jeremy Hooper

The thing is this: The whole "invidual rights" argument could be somewhat sensible, if we lived in a world where all individuals were placed on the same platform of morality and acceptability. However, in a world where minorities of all kinds are still viewed through a condemnatory lens by far too many , we cannot trust that the rights and particular hardships of all individuals are being addressed. In fact, in terms of the gay community, we have a great fear of what paths certain folks would go down if they were free to do so. Call us self-indulgent, but we really have no desire to find out what would happen to us if the militant "gays can change," science-ignoring, stone-casting, marriage-opposing, faith before freedom crowd had their unchecked way!

Gay rights, gay pride, calls for gay acceptance: Those are all reactive response to the stones that have been cast against us for eons. They are examples of individuals standing up and saying they WILL NOT be marginalized for being born in a different wat. Without the intolerance, there would be no need. It's quite easy for a white, heterosexual, Christian male to see no need for addressing these inequalities. However, that sort of blind eye only highlights why we can't afford to shut up!!

Gay Rights [YouTube]

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I feel sorry for this young man. He is so deeply closeted and in deep denial I can only hope he comes out of his closet as a gay male.

Posted by: James M. Martin | Dec 22, 2007 7:24:02 PM

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