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Video: Offensive to both gays and geneticists

by Jeremy Hooper

We've seen aggressive ignorance before. In fact, we like to think that after years of covering anti-gay propaganda, we are now fully fluent in "Brazen Far-Right Lying." However, we must admit that after viewing this video clip, in which the possibility that homosexuality is inborn is presented as impossible since gay people were created by heterosexual sex, we are now thinking even we might have a thing or two to learn regarding the ridiculous links to which these characters will go in order to demonize gay folks:

Here's just hoping two brunettes don;t show up at this group's functions with a red-haired child. Poor kid's liable to be thrown in the water to see if he floats!

Greater Than Gold - Homosexuality - TV spot [YouTube]

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Your thoughts

Who is "In God We Trust Productions"? Clearly, logic went out the window with these morons and their website.

Conclusions are anything but, implications don't carry meaning, the links don't work, and some of the sections are still blank.

Then there's crap like this:

"....we learn that all of the great empires of antiquity, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, were all destroyed from moral decay within, in which homosexuality played a key role in their demise."

Please save me from the ignorance.

Posted by: Dave B. | Dec 11, 2007 5:35:53 PM

I'm surprised they even believe in DNA.

Posted by: DCN | Dec 11, 2007 9:16:10 PM

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