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Video: Rudy puts another nail in 'pro-gay' coffin

by Jeremy Hooper

While watching "NBC Nightly News" last night, this writer sort of chuckled to himself when he heard reporter Kevin Corke describe Rudy Giuliani as "pro-gay marriage." However, with "America's mayor" making comments like the following at an ever-increasing pace, the inaccurate meme that he is "pro-gay" is growing more and more tired:

(gay-related comments come at 4 minute mark)

It's not the orientation, but rather "the various acts that people perform" that are "sinful"? What other lines of the far-right have you swallowed, Rudy -- Do you not care if people are gay as long as they don't force it in your face? Or maybe you don't mind queers as long as they don't use their "radical agenda" to indoctrinate children with the radical idea that they are humans deserving of equality and respect? And what -- are you gonna start "protecting society," but not in anyway opposing gay marriage? Just how far are you gonna take this newly adopted brand of social conservatism, Rudester?

And what's even more annoying is that you can tell he knows he said the wrong thing when he interrupts Russert with the whole, "Which includes me...we're all imperfect" part of his schpiel. But the thing is, Rudy's "sins" would be things like his infidelities and divorces. Those are concepts that can also exist within gay relationships, and if he wants to present those on the Biblical level of sin, then that's totally fine. But what he's saying in terms of gay people is that they as people are not "wrong," but their lovemaking is. So while he tries to smooth things over with this added caveat, it really does nothing to lessen the offense of his "love the sinner, hate the sin" rhetoric!! The simple fact remains that he, on national TV, chose to put it out there that gays can never seal their commitments with physical "acts" without being branded as sinners. And in the process, he has become yet another candidate who can not be described as "pro-gay" by any reporter who is paying attention.

Rudy on homosexuality: It's the acts that are sinful [Bilerico Project]

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Your thoughts

I guess I will vote for Fred Thompson as my Republican primary vote, then vote Libertarian as my general election vote. Liberal Republicans, and GLBT Republicans should maybe vote Libertarian as a protest vote and maybe that could be measured as lost Republicans that could of helped the party win the presidency.

I am disappointed.

If the Republicans lose in 2008, hopefully this will send a message to Republicans that inclusion wins.

Posted by: Matt from California | Dec 10, 2007 12:33:36 PM

When asked a question about "sinfulness", how is someone to answer?

As "sin" is a religious concept, you can only talk from the context of religious teaching. Rudy's church teaches that certain sexual acts are sinful. Rudy's church also teaches that marriage after divorce are sinful.

So in Rudy's world, we are exactly the same kind of sinner that he is. And he doesn't seem to be all that worried about either.

I mean, come on! What do you expect him to say?

He took the church's most liberal position on homosexuality, pre-Ratziger, and answered the question. I can't imagine a way for a Catholic to answer a question about sin in a more supportive or positive way.

In order to see this as an insult, you have to be looking for an insult.

Posted by: Timothy Kincaid | Dec 10, 2007 1:50:21 PM

Timothy: While I understand what you're saying, I totally disagree that "to see this as an insult, you have to be looking for an insult." It would be one thing If he'd said that we all sin or something of that nature. But he specifically pointed out, "It’s the acts, it’s the various acts that people perform that are sinful, not the—not the orientation that they have." That specifically puts gay people in a boat where they cannot have a sex life and be a moral person. And if he buys into that as a religious concept, I seriously question the way he would lead on gay issues.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 10, 2007 2:15:47 PM

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