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We were scared of a poss. Pres. Huckabee. Now we're f***in' terrified!

by Jeremy Hooper

Huckabeebig-1Over the past months and even years, we've showed you some of the comments that have led us to fear that in terms of gay rights, Mike Huckabee would be a Bush 2.0 if elected to the White House. There were his 2006 Values Votes Summit comments wherein he tried to say he wasn't anti-gay marriage, but rather in favor of saving civilization. Then earlier this year there were some Time magazine comments in which he said he has "a responsibility to speak out" against same-sex nups. In October, there were his comments at this year's VV Summit, in which the candidate explicitly called for a federal marriage ban. Also, we saw him recently say that gays' "conduct" would put American soldiers at risk. And then just last week, we showed you a new GQ interview where Huckabee actually suggests that gays don't really need marriage since they can secure some rights though the power of a attorney.

All in all, we've seen a vision of man who looked frighteningly similar to the one under who we've all suffered for the past 7 years. One who seemed to think that he was being called upon by God. One who seemed to think that faith-based policies are just fine and dandy. One who would have no problem hiding bald faced discrimination behind the guise of "family protection." And one who would would make us wonder if Team Rove was again pulling the strings.

Boy, were we wrong!! For it now seems more and more likely that Mike Huckabee would NOT be Bush 2.0, but rather a new strain of frightening that would almost make us long for the days of "No Child Left Behind" and "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job":

"It is difficult to understand the public policy towards AIDS. It is the first time in the history of civilization in which the carriers of a genuine plague have not been isolated from the general population, and in which this deadly disease for which there is no cure is being treated as a civil rights issue instead of the true health crisis it represents."
"In light of the extraordinary funds already being given for AIDS research, it does not seem that additional federal spending can be justified," Huckabee wrote. "An alternative would be to request that multimillionaire celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor (,) Madonna and others who are pushing for more AIDS funding be encouraged to give out of their own personal treasuries increased amounts for AIDS research."
"I feel homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural, and sinful lifestyle, and we now know it can pose a dangerous public health risk"

-Mike Huckabee, 1992 AP questionnaire

Huckabee Wanted to Isolate AIDS Patients [AP via Google]
Huckabee Stands by AIDS Statement [AP via Google]

This was only 15 years ago. He was old enough to know better, and the evidence was clear enough to demand the same. And what makes it even worse is that Gov. Huckabee doesn't even see enough fault to offer a flat-out correction or retraction. He says he stands by what he said!! What sort of mutant strain of aggressive ignorance is living in that sort of mindset?!

Please, America: You've broken our hearts twice before. Let's nip this potential mistake in the bud before it gets off the ground, so that we want have to say "We told you so" in eight years time.

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Well at least we have Rick Warren's wife on our side:

Kay Warren says five years ago she was a "white suburban mom with a minivan" helping her husband run one of the most influential evangelical churches in the United States and barely aware of the global AIDS crisis.

Today, Warren will host the third conference on her church's role in fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic after a spiritual awakening that rocked her own faith and challenged how the evangelical community responds to what many still regard as a "gay cancer."

Well, sort of...

What her husband and her church first saw as her pet project became what she terms a surrender to God as she realized that AIDS wasn't just a gay disease.

Well, as long as it's not just a gay disease...


Posted by: Cindi Knox | Dec 10, 2007 10:24:27 AM

I'm of the optimistic mindset that Huckabee is too schizo to be electable - he would present little/no appeal to the moderate swing vote.

Posted by: Sarah | Dec 10, 2007 10:40:51 AM

I used to think so but now some polls are showing he's within reach of Hilary already. The scary thing is there are still a huge amount of Americans that agree with Huckabee 100%.

Posted by: Ron | Dec 10, 2007 10:54:15 AM

My prediction:

Likable, plain-folks, born-again anti-gay anti-abortion ant-evolution Huckabee (sound familiar?) and VP candidate Fred "Law & Order" Thompson defeat hated-because-she's-a-woman / hated-because-she's-Hillary / hated-becasue-remember-the-blowjob Hillary Clinton and VP candidate Barak "His middle name is Hussein" Obama "Rhymes with Osama" - oh, and he's black.

W shows Huckabee all the fun things to do in the White House.

Cheney hands the keys to Thompson.

Posted by: Cindi Knox | Dec 10, 2007 1:56:24 PM

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