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Why does FOF hate the planet?

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images MarraigefigureOver the past few weeks, we've noticed how Focus on The Family's CitizenLink news site has been touting the health and wealth benefits that marriage supposedly bring to one's life, while overlooking the fact that their organization works day and night to keep gay people from knowing the joy of legally-recognized monogamy. And today the site has upped the offensive ante by pointing to a new study that says marriage brings positive benefits to the environment, while neglecting to mention that if not for the anti-gay work of groups like FOF, the number of married couples on the Earth's landscape would only be increased. Here's a sample:

By examining data from 12 countries, Jiangua “Jack” Liu, senior author of the study, and his associate Eunice Yu, found that married households are more efficient with water, energy and land use. On the other hand, divorced couples require an extra 38 million rooms and spend 46 percent more per capita on electricity and 56 percent more on water than married couples.

Liu also found that if divorced households had combined to have the same average household size as married households, there could have been a million fewer households using energy and water.
Jenny Tyree, associate marriage analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said marriage may be the most cost-efficient environmental plan available.

“The results of this study support the benefits of marriage, not just for families, but for our environment,” she said. “It makes sense that more households — as a result of family breakdown — would use more resources. We're pleased to see that God's design for family is consistent with good environmental stewardship.”

And of course not one time in the entire piece (which you can read in its entirety at the below link) does the writer mention his parent organization's own fight to keep certain population sects as legal strangers. But why not? If we are talking about sheer numbers of cohabitating, stable households, it's unsound to NOT look at this aspect. Because even if Focus on the Family disagrees with same-sex marriage on an ideological level (and we know they do), on a practical level it cannot be denied that telling millions of people that they are unworthy of marriage equality keeps many in that group from following a monogamously-coupled, joint-living path!

Now, considering that FOF and their fellow anti-gay marriage activists have set up the straw man argument that by opposing same-sex nups they are actually "protecting marriage," it's certain they would say to us that their encouragement of gay marriage bans is actually INCREASING the number of married households. However, we prefer to operate on the plane of reality. And on that plane, it's a no-brainer to see that FOF's usage of this study is overlooking a very key aspect of the world's marriage picture. FOF's oversight would sort of be like us citing a study that says Westboro Baptist is a lovely church that everyone should join, yet failing to mention all of the critical things we have written about the group's work over the years. One can't celebrate a study's results if they are working towards a goal that runs contrary to the research's positive findings!

But then again, maybe the evangelical community is finally wising us to global warming and just wants to be able to blame the gays for its propagation. When we're all paddling around in life boats in the water-covered world that is a destroyed Earth, It would be just like this scapegoat-loving sect to say, "See, if only those damn gays would have gotten hitched!"

Study: Marriage is Good for the Planet [FOF CitizenLink]

**UPDATE: Dear God, their capacity for bullsh*t knows for bounds! This little quip from the Family Research Council's take on the study:

With lifelong commitment on the endangered list, we can only hope that liberals, who have been unwilling to jump on the marriage protection bandwagon, will be motivated by this study to hop aboard now that the wagon's eco-friendly.

Unfortunately for them, most liberals prefer factual bandwagons that are headed toward peace and equality, not insanely duplicitous bandwagons bound for a future of shamed historical remembrance!

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