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A premature coming that might actually interest lesbians

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 13-36Since the December stunt in which they let viewers watch the fifth season's premiere episode a week in advance led to higher ratings for Showtime's Sapphic drama, the folks responsible for "The L Word" have announced that they'll debut another future episode on companion site Ourchart.com before it actually airs on TV:

"L Word" gets online peek [Reuters via Yahoo]

On a similar note, we'll go ahead and make this prediction about the episode before it's even made its debut in any forum: Loads of attractive ladies will throw themselves at Shane in a way that makes it seem as if her hands and mouth are some form of lesbian heroin, and they the junkies in need of a fix. Oh, and Jenny will proceed to annoy millions. Just trust us.

If this latest stunt leads to an even greater ratings boost, look for producers to next go ahead and throw up every upcoming episode from now until the one in which the ladies reach the "The M Word," at which point they'll bitch less about Jenny and Lez Girls, and more about hot flashes and the room temperature at the Planet. Shane, however, will still pull 20-year-old tail.

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