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Anti-gay critic: Why wait to 'Cher'?

by Jeremy Hooper

We all know that Focus on the Family is misguidedly hostile towards the idea of loving and accepting your gay child. And we also know that they will protest any pro-gay TV show that encourages the same. However, they do usually at least extend us the courtesy of waiting until the program has aired before passing judgment about the content.

 Cher Cher Biopix Cher PlaygirlsWell not so with the rumored Cher & Chastity Bono reality show, "Coming Out with Cher and Chas." Even though there is no sort of confirmation that the show does or ever will exist, FOF is already condemning its theoretical existence. Here's the organization's Jeff Johnston speaking to Citizenlink:

Young people wrestling with issues of sexual attraction and identity need love and support, but they also need the truth,” said Jeff Johnston, gender issues analyst for Focus on the Family. “A television program like the one rumored would only increase the cultural confusion about sexuality, sexual identity and sexual attractions. It would encourage young people to question their sexual identity, to identify as gay or lesbian at earlier ages and to experiment with their sexual behavior.

Focus’ Love Won Out Conferences give helpful tools for parents, pastors, family members and educators who want to understand this issue and respond biblically.

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Wow, Jeff. That's lots to glean simply from the idea that there may or may not be a show like this in the pipe! Hell, for all you know, Cher could go nutty during the filming of the first episode and spend the rest of the series trying to get Chas to "change." Maybe she'll even record some new "ex-gay"-supportive tunes. "Gypsies, Tramps, Thieves, & Former 'Mos," perhaps? "Half-gay," maybe? Or what about, "If I Could Turn Back TIme (I'd Have Never Followed My Biological Truth)" or "The Beat Goes On..but the Gayness Doesn't Have To"? She could become the (slightly altered) face and (slightly digitally enhanced) voice of the "ex-gay" community for all anyone knows!

The point is, Jeff, none of us have no way of knowing what's going to be put on the screen, yet your mind is already so closed off to any pro-gay ideas that you feel there's no reason to even pretend you are listening to the actual message. You guys have become so brazen in your self-appointed roles as the keepers of "truth" that you see no reason to show restraint. Your so eager to lend legitimacy to your scientifically-challenged, medically-unsupported, widely refuted "gays can change' notion that you start your protestations before there is even anything to protest. And the fact that you are so bothered by the idea of acceptance that you have to launch a preemptive strike -- well, that's really very telling, J-dog.

The Cher & Chas show, if it does happen, will most likely be unapologetically pro-gay, and could most likely help those struggling with accepting their gay children. Unfortunately, those who most need to hear the message will be the ones, like Mr. Johnston, who see no reason to listen.

TV Reality Show Adds to the Confusion about Sexuality [CitizenLink]

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Your thoughts

Jeff Johnston: “Young people wrestling with issues of sexual attraction and identity need love and support, but they also need the truth,”

What is the definition of "truth" for people like Mr. Johnston? Specifically, what does "truth" mean for them in regards to homosexuality?

"Truth" clearly doesn't mean observable, scientifically documented fact. For Mr. Johnston and others associatied with groups like Focus on the Family it is much simpler than that: "Our understanding of the Bible = Truth."

I have no problem with the fact that they hold this opinion, but they need to make it clear when they lash out publically against cultural trends with which they disagree, that they do so because that thing is contrary to their beliefs and their understanding of the Bible.

Instead, groups like Focus arrogantly use "truth" to make is sounds as if others are lying or withholding the informatio from the public. Can they not accept that many people have different definitions of "truth" than the one to which they subscribe? For many GLBT people "truth" is accepting yourself for who you are. I don't claim that I have a monopoly on "truth," or that all my beliefs = "Truth." I wish Focus would show me and others like me that same courtesy.

Posted by: GayMormonBoy | Jan 14, 2008 11:32:57 PM

I have a lot of opinions on this subject, many of which I'm sure a lot of GLBT people will disagree with. First, don't label me a bible-thumper. I'm not at all religious.

There are a lot of sexual fads going on right now, and claiming to be bi is one of them. We no longer train our children to gender-identify. You have a lot of men refusing to be men, a lot of women trying to be men, and a lot of kids saying they're bi simply because it has become fashionable to do so--many tell me they're bi, and then say no, they've never been with a person of their sex.

What is adding to the trendiness, or maybe is a side effect of it, is this new fascination with threesomes wherein you have specifically one male and two females. It's for the male's arousal and amusement. I can't believe women accommodate this--it feeds a very old, very chauvanistic view that women can't really be gay and men don't see women as gay because they don't see women as people. We still fall for this?? They spout the 'new agenda' and continue to use us as toys.

You have a lot of genuinely gay, lesbian, and bi people, but not nearly the number of people claiming to be so. When someone tells me they're gay or lesbian, I am far more likely to believe them than someone who claims to be bi. I think there are also a lot of people simply confused because they haven't had any gender-identity instilled in them at all. I'm 46. Children were reared differently when I was young. I see the absence or refusal to do this as a flakey, book-parenty kind of thing to do.

It does NOT mean women can not work. It does NOT mean women are less intelligent than men-the reverse is actually more the case. It does NOT mean women are baby factories or should be bare-foot and pregnant. This extremist way of thinking, imo, is why most parents no longer train their kids to gender-identify. I think this is why you have a lot of really confused kids right now questioning their sexuality. Were I gay, I'd resent this. A lot. I'd resent anyone playing at my lifestyle because it's now trendy or wandering in out of sheer confusion.

As to Chastity/Chaz Bono, a recent quote was attributed to her/him: Gender is between the ears. I disagree. It's between the legs. That's where the genitals are kept. Your orientation, as in where you find attraction and what arouses you--that is what is between the ears. Do I think she is genuinely gay and genuinely feels like a man? Yes. Yes I do. She/he is a grown adult, and now, a grown man. Let him follow his own path.

Who am I? A 46-year-old woman who has completely, irretrievably given up on men, and exploring the possibility of a gay lifestyle. One thing gay and lesbian people need to do is let go of the notion that all gay and lesbian people think the same or subscribe to whatever 'officially gay perspective' they may think exists and finally to let go of any notion that all women turn lesbian for the same reasons. I may not be gay, but if I am, it will be for my own reasons. And my opinions will not have changed.

Posted by: Yvette | Dec 11, 2009 12:24:16 PM

Yvette: I'm a little confused as to why you posted here, on a year+ old post. But welcome, nevertheless.

I would encourage you, as you continue your journey, to explore the differences between gender identity/expression and sexual orientation.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Dec 11, 2009 12:29:54 PM

anyboby sould be able to have kids

Posted by: cleveland | Mar 12, 2010 12:34:59 PM

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