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Anti-gay report card: Paul gets a smiley face

by Jeremy Hooper

Just about every time we've written anything about Ron Paul, we've been bombarded by rabid gay supporters protesting that the GOP hopeful is the best bet for LGBT rights. However, at least one vehemently anti-gay leader strongly disagrees with that sentiment. In a newly released "Presidential Report Card," Randy Thomasson of the so-called California Campaign for Children and Families has ranked the Texas congressman the most gay-unfriendly of the GOP slate (tied with Mike Huckabee):

Picture 1-140

Now, of course many of Paul's gay fans would argue that these numbers are due to Paul's "human rights not gay rights" stance on the issues. And when you have a report card wherein Mitt Romney is considered completely pro-gay, we too have to ask some questions. However, the fact does remain that Paul, while working towards his utopic vision for society, has cast votes that have put him, in the eyes of many, at the forefront of the anti-LGBT fight, earning him a pat on the back from one of the nations most queer-antipathetic groups. If that is the sort of record that will earn Ron your gay vote, then by all means, vote Paul in '08. We'll, however, stick with those candidates who earn nothing but scathing condemnation from our more hostile adversaries.

Grading the GOP Presidential Candidates on Family-Value Claims [CCF]
**Supporting documents for the report card (pdf) [CCF]

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Your thoughts

The important thing to remember about Ron Paul is that he is NOT a libertarian and does NOT believe in less government. He is an anti-federalist (some use the term "neo-confederate"). In short, he believes in expansive state powers -- including the power to discriminate against gays. He is virulently opposed to an expansive reading of the Fourteenth Amendment and has railed against "activist judges" -- especially federal judges.

You have to be wilfully blind to label him a champion of gay rights.


Posted by: KipEsquire | Jan 3, 2008 5:17:00 PM

Ugh, those Paultards are annoying as hell, aren't they? Libertarians are good sources of weed, but they're just as greedy as the Rethugs.

Posted by: JD | Jan 3, 2008 7:47:52 PM

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