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Birds of a rabidly anti-gay feather flock to Mike

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images Picture-2-113Wanna know the type of mindset that wants a Mike Huckabee presidency? Well, just look at who's helping the Huckster to gain ground in Michigan. This from CNN:

"We laid the groundwork," says Gary Glenn, one of the leaders of the movement. "The fact that he's even in a position to threaten Mitt Romney in his native state is a real statement to the depth of support he has here."
Glenn is a prime example of the sort of well-connected activist that has been essential to Huckabee's success. The president of Michigan's chapter of Don Wildmon's American Family Association, he co-wrote the state's successful anti-gay marriage amendment, which drew close to 60 percent of the vote in 2004. That effort also updated his already-packed addressbook with a new group of politically-savvy conservative Christian contacts eager to assist a presidential candidate who backed his own state's version of that measure."

Picture 9-63Yes, that's right -- the American Family Association's Gary Glenn is working diligently to ensure that he'll have another president who will favor discrimination over diversity. The same Gary Glenn who, in addition to the aforementioned marriage ban, has:

-Sponsored the flying of a banner reading "Jesus Christ … HopeForHomosexuals.com” over a gay event.
-Tried to have a class at the University of Michigan stopped because of it's pro-gay content being fueled by taxpayer money (as if gays and lesbians don't also pay taxes!)
-Denied in the press that gays truly want monogamous relationships
-Once went on a national TV talk show to speak out on the "risk" of gay adoption
--and much, much more...

That's what's at risk in this election, folks. There is a possibility that we could put into office a man who, in terms of gay rights, could make George W. Bush look like Barney Frank. Those who cheer over our heartbreak are cheering most loudly for the Huckster. We have got to get out there and see to it that this country will soon wake up from the 7 year national nightmare through which we've all lived, not enter into an even more frightening level of terror!

Huckabee sows seeds to steal Michigan from Romney [CNN]

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Your thoughts

No surprise and you are right, we will have to fight hard and get people out to vote!

Posted by: StillLiT | Jan 11, 2008 5:28:31 PM

This country does not need another George Bush. I cannot fathom how any sane, rational, red-blooded American man or woman could find any redeeming factors in a man like Mike Huckabee. He is against each and every form of equality and is very obviously going to divide this country far worse than George Bush already has. Why would anybody want another bigot, call him what he is, for President? Are we really that stupid as a collective people? Or do we actually enjoy living in constant oppression?

There is nobody, not ONE SINGLE PERSON on the Republican ticket who favors equality. Huckabee, Thompson, Romney...there is absolutely no inhumane atrocity these three men could perform that Republican voters wouldn't abandon them for. And that is just plain sad. We, as a society, have allowed this "seperate but unequal" garbage to carry on long enough. We need change and we need it right now.

People seriously have to start thinking for themselves instead of blindly buying into the same uneducated and misinformed hate-speech that has kept this country so ridiculously trapped in the Dark Ages. I, for one, am utterly sick of undeserving Presidents who turn a blind eye to my needs simply because of my sexuality. And that is why the Republican ticket will NOT be getting my vote!

Posted by: Brian Summers | Jan 13, 2008 4:23:34 AM

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