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Dear 'pro-family' opposition:

by Jeremy Hooper

Listen, we know you don't support our rights. And we know that any sort of tax-supported anything that deals with gay acceptance or betters the lives of gay people is going to be opposed by you kids. We get that. But here's the thing: Despite your attempts to detach us from our American citizenship, we gays actually are part of the monolithic body known as "taxpayers."

We say this because we just saw this annoying headline on the website of the Traditional Values Coalition:

Picture 2-119

They are referring to the much ballyhooed course that's been offered at the University of Michigan on and off since since 2000, “How To Be Gay: Male Homosexuality And Initiation.” And while we fully understand that most of you social conservatives are opposed to the course (which, it should be noted, is not even being offered this semester and possibly may never be offered ever again) because the only way you think one should "be gay" is to either be celibate or in search of a "cure," your attempts to make it look out of line on tax grounds is offensive in more ways than just your usual anti-gay way! Because you see, foes of the 'mos, we gays do, in fact, pay taxes. And those tax dollars do support our nation's public universities, which are ALL made up of classes whose viewpoints and teachings we may or may not personally agree. But that's the beauty of the universities -- they (ideally) challenge folks to think, react, protest, engage, and explore all sides of the human condition. They (ideally) prepare students for the diversity of the world, the likes of which is made up of taxpayers from all walks of life.

So kids, we obviously don't see eye-to-eye on, well, just about anything. But hopefully you can see how disturbing it is for us to think that you all think that our tax dollars should be accepted into America's collective coffers, but not used in any way that might give the impression of gay tolerance. Such "taxation without representation" is the very definition of tyranny!


Good As You

P.S. What did you think of the "Idol" premiere? Will this be the year the show jumps the shark?

P.P.S Before you get any ideas: Our "Idol" votes do count the same way as heteros.

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