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Exodus expands militant agenda

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 4-111The "ex-gay"-propagating kids at Exodus International have announced that they are forming an extensive church network that will train pastors and members to essentially espouse Exodus' "gays can change" nonsense as if it's the Gospel:

Group attempts to bridge gap between those struggling with same-sex feelings and churches [Family News in Focus]
(H/t: Queerty)

So essentially they are trying to get churches to sign on to a completely un-Biblical, unaccredited, scientifically and medically unsupported way of dealing with any gays who may turn to the church for guidance. And they will surely have much success, as they know that the "ex-gay" charade helps churches justify their popular "love the sinner, hate the sin" stance (which, incidentally, is more from Gandhi than Jesus). In fact, 70 churches are already said to have signed up, with Exodus setting a goal of a whopping 10,000 (!) congregations by 2010!

::sigh:: And we're the ones who indoctrinate?!?!?!

You know, if other outlets were to implement such a baseless, life-altering program, it would be seen by most as unfair and even predatory. But when churches utilize a thirty-ish-year-old, man-concocted, right-wing outlook on the human condition to drastically alter the lives of impressionable people (many who are too young to have a choice in the matter), it's seen as nothing more than "faith." Something is desperately wrong, not only in the fact that this happening at all, but also in the fact that SO FEW are expressing objection.

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Your thoughts

My only issue with the "ex-gay" movement is the fact that these people are being used as a means to justify discrimination against happy and open LGBT people.

But on the other I don't object to "ex-gays" themselves because if in fact they were unhappy being "gay" and they have also decided to follow a certain brand of faith that tells them Homosexuality is wrong I don't really see any harm in that.

Help me understand if I'm wrong but I don't really see any difference from when a person who has lived a part of their lives as Heterosexual then realizing that they are happy being Homosexual to a person who lived a part of their life as a Homosexual but no longer wants too.

Posted by: Alonzo | Jan 10, 2008 3:32:36 PM

Alonzo: Virtually nobody involved in gay activism has even the slightest problem with "ex-gays' themselves. People have every right to make their own decisions. The movement, however, is a political force that is deliberately being used to thwart gay rights. That is what we are against.

What the "ex-gay" movement quite cleverly does is muddy the waters between the individual person's right to self-determination and the movement itself. They love to make it seem as if we are raging against the individual "ex-gays." Nothing could be farther from the truth. The reason it gets tricky is because virtually the only "ex-gays' that anyone knows are those who serve as spokespeople for their movement. But again, when we respond to Alan Chambers, Randy Thomas, Melissa Fryrear, etc., we are not responding to their own sex lives. All we hope in that regard is that they're truly happy.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jan 10, 2008 3:39:46 PM

I 100% agree with you in regards to the "ex-gay" movement being used as a means to justify discrimination.

However when you make statements like:

"thirty-ish-year-old, man-concocted, right-wing outlook on the human condition to drastically alter the lives of impressionable people"

It seems to me you are attacking what Exodus does for people who do seek out their help - regardless if we don't agree with the political use of Exodus - they are offering help to people who were unhappy being Homosexual and are choosing to follow a brand of faith that says Homosexuality is wrong.

Maybe I'm just reading what you are saying incorrectly.

Posted by: Alonzo | Jan 10, 2008 3:58:18 PM


"thirty-ish-year-old" -- Exodus dates back to only 1976

"man-concocted" -- Founded by five men, one of whom left to be with another Exodus volunteer (a man). Unlike one's sexual desires, which are instilled in one's being, this is a human-created movement to try and "change" what is, quite possibly, a simple matter of biology. If homosexuality is simply part of the human condition -- which most gays seem to think it is -- then we have a group of humans saying they have the tools to "change" that design (despite the no support from the scientific or medical community). That's scary.

"right-wing outlook on the human condition" -- It is an outlook that is emboldened by far-right funds and resources. Most moderates and left-of-center folks reject the "ex-gay" notion. However, many of those who are brought into Exodus aren't politically savvy enough to know what any of this means. They don't understand that there is a machine in place. They only know someone is promising to heal their pain. So ot's certainly worth noting that this movement is part of the religious right's toolkit.

"to drastically alter the lives of impressionable people" -- Again, they are promising to drastically change lives. And it's a simple fact that a large portion of those who are brought into Exodus are young folks who are not able to support themselves or make their own decisions. And again -- many don't understand the movement for what it is. They are given what they might believe is a science-supported ticked out of gaydom (Exodus surely sells it this way). Mix that in with the confusion that can come from simply being a young gay person, and you have a dangerous mix.

So again -- this site and this writer will never lash out against a person who, on their own free will, identifies as having once been gay. Personally, I find the "ex-gay" label absurd, as I don;t know why anyone would ever identify by what they once were rather than what they currently are. But hey -- whatever tickles your pickle. However, I will make no apologies about speaking out against the movement.

Will there undoubtedly be some overlap, with people like Alan Chambers possibly feeling affronted by something I say? Perhaps. However, that is the price we all pay when we choose to enter the public arena and fight this culture war. I've certainly felt personally affronted by those who are quick to write off my worth as a person or my undying love for my partner because I am gay!

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jan 10, 2008 4:27:06 PM

Okay I understand you clearly now.

I will stress again that I totally agree with you in regards to the political motives of Exodus as a homosexual myself I find it just as enraging that this movement is being used as a tool to deny you, myself and millions like us the same basic rights our heterosexual counter-parts enjoy.

But it should be noted that Exodus is a ministry that helps people who have chosen to follow a brand of faith that says Homosexuality is wrong so doesn't make sense that there be a place for those people to seek help?

To me it’s no different then a questioning person seeking help from LAMBDA or GLSEN.

Posted by: Alonzo | Jan 10, 2008 5:08:06 PM

Alonzo: I hear the ya. The difference to me is that one's sexuality, if they are being honest with themselves and their bodies, is truly not a faith matter. You can't shut off biological reality.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jan 10, 2008 8:52:09 PM

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