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Expand your 'Focus' so we can all be happy!

by Jeremy Hooper

200801171311Among the most annoying things we come across when dealing with our "pro-family" opposition is how they love to tout the benefits of societal aspects from which they so fervently try to keep us barred. And among the most annoying offenders have been the folks at Focus on the Family, who routinely brag about just how great and wonderful marriage is, despite the fact that they are one of the strongest, well-connected, highly-financed voices out there keeping the gays from ever having first-hand knowledge of nuptial satisfaction. It always strikes us as a supreme example of just how unworthy these folks really do view our lives and loves.

Well today on their CitizenLink news site, the FOF bunch is once again up to their "marriage is to great to be risked on gays" antics. This time, however, they also throw in another institution from which they'd prefer our kind was detached: church. Have a looksie:

Survey Shows Married People Tend to be Happier

People who are faithful to each other and to the laws of God are the happiest.'

Two-thirds of Americans who are married or attend church regularly report being “very happy” or “very satisfied” with life, according to a Gallup poll.

That comes as no surprise to Mike McManus, co-founder of Marriage Savers.

“If you watch sitcoms … it seems that the happiest are the people jumping in bed with someone new every Friday night," he said. "But the data shows just the opposite: People who are faithful to each other and to the laws of God are the happiest.”

Bob Lapine, co-host of the FamilyLife Today radio broadcast, said that doesn't mean married couples and Christians lack challenges.

“Everybody is going to have storms in marriage," he said. "What’s different is the foundation, and that’s where I think we look to the Scriptures and to the Spirit of God to provide a stable foundation that helps our house stand in the midst of those storms.

“When we do experience challenges in marriage, ultimately pressing through, practicing forgiveness, staying together, getting help — that’s going to lead to ultimate health and satisfaction.”

Well, it's no wonder that the married and the church-going have fewer worries and less stress -- they don't have to deal with people condemning them for their religious or matrimonial views! This same Gallup poll also finds that Republicans are happier than Democrats. WOW, BIG SHOCKER! Many Democrats (majority of whom are gay-supportive) have had to sit back and watch for 7+ years while the social conservatives (majority of whom are married, church-going, Republicans) brazenly tried to redefine society for us all! It's much easier to be happy when you are the salt than when you are the slug!

If Focus on the Family truly wants to help people enter into marriages and sanctuaries, they would stop narrowly defining these institutions as portals through which only certain types of humans are fit to enter. They could truly encourage happiness for ALL, rather than monopolizing the happiness while causing others great pain! It's like the old "ignorance is bliss" adage. Their ignorance towards gay acceptance is not going to cause them any true pain, so they can hold on to their sense of contentment. After all, if they are wrong about the whole "God doesn't care for gays" thing, then what do they have to lose (at least in the mortal world)? We on the other hand are losing LOTS due to their discriminatory views, including our minds over the fact that we are still having to debate these tired issues in 2008. We are absolutely SICK of living in a world where our reasoned, intelligent outlooks keep us from bliss!

Survey Shows Married People Tend to be Happier [CitizenLink]

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Your thoughts

They used to want to convert gays as christian and then as straight, then we married people of the opposite sex and after a few years divorced, possibly with kids. I don't go around getting in a dialog with straight christians, but it would seem that when we do, we should talk about some basic things.

Does God create gay people too?
Should gays convert to straight and marry and have kids?
If that marriage fails, should we try again?

Posted by: PodJumper Podcast | Jan 17, 2008 6:34:25 PM

Hey, Jim Dobson and pals:

Focus on your own darn Family! Leave the rest of us in peace.

Posted by: Buffy | Jan 18, 2008 3:13:32 AM

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