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Gay-unfriendly Huckabites get 'push'y

by Jeremy Hooper

OldphoneAccording to the Las Vegas-Review Journal, an organization called Common Sense Issues is calling up hundreds of thousands of Nevadans with automated "push polls," the likes of which specifically tout Mike Huckabee's anti-gay marriage views in contrast with Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney's (both of whom are painted as liberal on gay rights):

Automated calls offering info about candidates decried [LV-RJ]

It's unclear when, exactly, the far right will grow up, wise up, and stop presenting gay acceptance (real, or in this case, falsely alleged) as a political liability. That of course very much depends on whether or not they can find another suitable scapegoat onto which they can offensively redirect focus so as to cover up their own inadequacies.

**UPDATE: The push polling is said to also be going on in South Carolina, though the gay part isn't specifically mentioned in those media reports.

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