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Lange to rid his world of 'f*gs'

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 2-117On today's episode of "The Howard Stern Show," comedian and sidekick Artie Lange announced that he will record a PSA for the Human Rights Campaign, wherein he'll make a new years resolution to no longer use the word "fag." The deal stems from a deal Lange made back in December with Stern regular George Takei, at which time he vowed to give cash to HRC if and when he slips up.

Good for Artie! Unfortunately, however, we hear Robin Quivers has made an opposite deal in which HRC loses a penny every time she laughs, so the organization is expected to be broke by tomorrow.

**UPDATE: Howard 100 News has this on their website:

The Artie Lange Public Service Announcement in support of a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights group called the Human Rights Coalition [sic] is set to hit the internet soon. Artie will pledge to stop using the word, “fag.” But will it be a PSA or a hostage tape? Only Howard 100 News has the first draft of the PSA submitted by the HRC to Lange.

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