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Matt, we don't hang with dudes who assault our souls

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images Barbercolor-1-1Matt Barber is simply unbelievable!  Less than a week after he and his pal Peter LaBarberba used inaccuracy about MRSA to try and make gays look unsavory, the Concerned Women For America spokesman now has the audacity to call on gay rights groups to join forces with him "to help curb the spread" of the infection.  In a newly issued press release he says:

"HRC and other homosexual groups have a profound leadership role in their communities and a responsibility to protect their members from behaviorally related threats to their health and well-being.   Therefore, these groups should publicly condemn those specific 'high-risk behaviors' which this study has concluded are responsible for spreading MRSA among homosexuals.

"We're asking HRC and other groups to denounce, through word and deed, 'sex with multiple partners,' 'group sex [parties]' and to actively promote the notion that it is never okay to 'use methamphetamine and other illicit drugs.'"

"In light of this behaviorally related MRSA outbreak," said Barber, "we additionally ask HRC and other groups to call on local health agencies to shut down the many bathhouses and sex clubs around the country where men meet for anonymous sex with other men, often multiple partners, on a daily basis.  These places create the 'perfect storm' for infectious disease, including MRSA.

"Now's the time for us all to come together," concluded Barber.  "Let's do what needs to be done to help curtail this regrettable MRSA outbreak.

Of course there is no mention of the CDC clarifications that made a point to disconnect MRSA from sex. There's no mention of the researchers' follow-up reports, the likes of which specifically denounce the way folks like Matt have bastardized the medical facts.  And there's no reasoned consideration of how and why such a skin-transmittable bacteria might easily spread in a somewhat insular community like the Castro (just as it does in schools, hospitals, gyms, etc).  Instead, Matt is asking that the community that he spends every second of his career demonizing come over to his side, give credence to his stigmatizing bullsh*t, and help him foster the idea that gays are sex-crazed perverts who are being punished for their "lifestyles"  Even for Matt, the request is beyond the pale!

The only thing Matt Barber needs to be saying vis-à-vis MRSA is a big fat "Sorry," which he should extend both to the gay community that he rushed to punch and the medical community that he's still choosing to ignore!  But instead, what he is obviously trying to do is redirect focus so that the attention is off of his own misguided missteps and onto issues involving certain sexual habits (the likes of which can be found in all communities). It's like a bully stealing a kid's lunch money, but then turning around and asking how we can all work together to ensure proper afternoon dietary habits whenever the teacher calls his actions into question.  To entertain his request for even a second would be giving credence to brute, unreasoned tyranny.  And that's just not the way we roll.

Homosexual Groups Invited to Work to Curb Spread of MRSA

**Lest we forget, this is what Matt initially said about us:

"In recent years our culture has adopted a laissez faire attitude toward sexual deviancy.  Television shows like Will and Grace glorify the homosexual lifestyle while our children are taught in schools that homosexuality is a perfectly healthy, alternative sexual 'orientation.'  'Stay out of our bedrooms!' we're often commanded by militant 'gay' activists.

"Well, now the dangerous and possibly deadly consequence of what occurs in those bedrooms is spilling over into the general population.  It's not only frightening, it's infuriating.

"Citizens, especially parents, need to stand up and say, 'No More!  We will no longer sit idly by while politically correct cultural elites endanger our children and larger communities through propagandist promotion of this demonstrably deadly lifestyle.'

And here is some audio that Matt and Pete recorded:

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I love it. He's like, "Look how big-hearted I am, to reach out to the people I disagree with..."

I think he's missing the point here. :eyeroll:

Posted by: marie s | Jan 22, 2008 5:33:26 PM

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