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Medically unsound eagerness reveals another dark heart

by Jeremy Hooper

Farah07Think human beings are more civilized than the wild animals who pounce on their prey without any qualms? Well check this out and see if you still feel that way.

In a new column, WorldNetDaily founder and editor Joseph Farah has added his name to the small chorus of fringe voices who are ignoring the CDC's information so that they can misappropriate this latest MRSA scare to gay people. Farah says in part:

AIDS was actually hard to get. This new bug is not. But the very same people are spreading it – a special-interest group defined proudly by their sexual deviance, a special-interest group actually empowered politically by the very AIDS crisis that once threatened to wipe it out.

It's just another alternative lifestyle, we're told. Yet it is a lifestyle that is deadly – one that serves as a breeding ground for AIDS, syphilis, rectal gonorrhea, dozens of other sexually transmitted diseases and now MRSA. I have a profound question to ask: Isn't it time to make anal sex taboo, again? I mean, look what we have learned over the last 20 years! What do you suppose is riskier – smoking or anal sex? That's right. Anal sex is far more dangerous. Those practicing it live far shorter lives and frequently die more painful deaths. Yet, it's increasingly more difficult to find a place to have a smoke than it is to have homosexual sex.

Let's face it. It's cool to be "gay" on television, in the movies, in public schools and in America's newsrooms. It is not nearly as cool to smoke. Why? Because people recognize smoking is a health threat. But they don't recognize that sodomy is a much more serious health threat.

Yes, in the world of far-right science, a sex act that has no true medical risk without the outside introduction of disease is painted as more of a risk that a certifiably cancer-causing substance. Of course they totally wash their hands of the role that their anti-birth control, anti-gay attacks have had on the spread of disease. And they deliberately ignore the easily attainable truths that shed scientific light. Instead, these rabid voices are jumping to condemn one certain societal microcosm wherein a skin-to-skin transmittable bacterial infection has been seen at high rates, so that they can push the script that God is punishing gay people.

It's a response so bit-chompingly alarming, that you have to wonder if they truly want this is complete the job in a way that AIDS was unable to do. That may sound histrionic of us to say. But then again, what is one supposed to believe when they see grown humans acting so much like ravenous wolves who didn't eat enough during the AIDS crisis to satiate their carnivorous cravings.

America's Immune Deficiency Syndrome [WND]

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OneNewsNow is spreading the story too - by quoting a gynagolocist (How un-gay can a profession get?) who is claiming the study shows gay men are thirteen times more likely to get infected. Ive been reading the origional paper, and no amount of statistical juggling will get me numbers showing a thirteen-fold increase in risk.

Posted by: Suricou Raven | Jan 19, 2008 3:40:16 PM

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