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Minnery: Why no stating about unions?

by Jeremy Hooper

200801291950In their wrap-up of last night's State of the Union, Focus on the Family's Tom Minnery today made this quip on the organization's Citizenlink site:

Tom Minnery, senior vice president of government and public policy at Focus on the Family Action, said he loved the speech, even though it failed to address one of the most important social issues of the day:

"I wish he would have addressed the basic institution that best cares for the welfare of children — marriage.”

And you know what?  We sort of agree with Tom on this one (albeit for very different reasons).  Since this was Bush's swan song SOTU and since his opposition to gay marriage is a major albatross around the neck of his legacy, he owed it to all of us to once again record his biased pushes for posterity's sake.  It's actually a little annoying that now that he doesn't need fear-mongery presentations of our lives and loves to bring out the evangelical vote, Bush has pretty much dropped all public hostility for marriage equality.  That's simply not fair!  Neither we nor history books will ever forget the unnecessary hate that his administration has helped to fuel over the past decade, so neither he nor his speech writers should wash their hands clean of what will be remembered as one of the biggest social affronts in the modern era!

So Tom, we'll join forces with you on this one, buddy.  Bush does owe it to us to keep publicly condemning gay equality.  Let the world see ALL of the negativity that this wildly unpopular president brought to the world, so that 2008 voters will be reminded of the mistakes that we should never again make!

President Bush Reiterates Agenda Rich in Values [FOF CitizenLink]

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