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Paid to score: The similarities between pigskin & skin flicks

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 5-103Due to the retirement of Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Warren Sapp, this doozy of a comment that he made back in 2006 is getting new life in various media outlets.  Since we missed it the first go around, we figured we'd show it to you now:

Sapp throws a sideline tantrum because the [Oakland Raiders’] ugly play. “It was something that was really, really on the edge of, like, gay porn,” he explains. “When it’s real bad football, that’s what we call it: gay porn. Something you don’t want to watch. Something you just don’t want to see on the TV. Something you don’t even want to talk about. That’s gay porn.

Hmm.  Well both do involve grown men playing a sucky game involving balls.  Both the catchers who drop the pigskin and the catchers who successfully accept the man-skin do appear to be lubed up.  And if there are problems, both sets of players can blame a tight end.  Not to mention, the multi-man pileup that's a regular part of any football game.  So Hell, maybe Sapp has a point (even if his context is more homo-fearful)!

We knew there was a reason why we were always so bad at the game.

Warren Sapp and gay porn [Press Democrat]

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If I had only known I would have tried out for the football team when I was in High School.... sigh

Posted by: Todd | Jan 15, 2008 2:03:07 PM

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