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Roughage vs. Roughing up equality: both hard to digest

by Jeremy Hooper

LetusvotelogoToday at the Capitol Building in Des Moines, those Iowans who are trying to ban gay marriage in the Hawkeye State are holding a "Let Us Vote" rally.

LettuceMeanwhile, back at our headquarters in NYC, we who are trying to connect the dots between marriage bans and bullsh*t plan to munch on a "Lettuce Boat" -- really.

So what, other than phonetics, do these two situations have in common, you ask? Well in both cases, grown adults will be ingesting an inhumane product that got it roots in dirty mire, and whose raw, cold existence is typically dressed up to mask the unsavoriness (by either "protect marriage" code-wording or a lovely vinaigrette).

For more info on the "Let us Vote" endeavor, see below link. For more on our "lettuce boat" -- well, get real close to your computer and we'll burp in your face (which, incidentally, will still smell better than the brutal stench of inequality).

Let Us Vote [Iowa Family Policy Center]

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