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Video: 'I'm an Obama skeleton,' claims random dude

by Jeremy Hooper

Gennifer Flowers, Donna Rice -- meet Larry Sinclair:

And be sure to look for future videos, wherein we predict Mr. Sinclair will talk about his year in a hippy commune dropping acid with Hillary; the meth lab he built with his lover John Edwards; and the booze-soaked Vegas three-way he shared with Romney & Huckabee.


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Your thoughts

Looks sincere to me. He even offers to take a polygraph test.

Posted by: Rose | Jan 22, 2008 11:22:52 AM

I'm not any more interested in Obama's blowjobs than I was in Clinton's. Why is it that the white guys do cocaine, but the black guys do crack? It's common knowledge that Bush is a cokehead and that hasn't kept him out of the White House.

Posted by: Robguy | Jan 28, 2008 7:23:09 PM

I for one believe Sinclair. When he speaks (both in the clip and on the Rense show) he is completely guileless. Like someone who has nothing to hide. Only sincere people talk this way (or complete sociopaths...lol). Sinclair promises to take a lie detector test. But, anyone who cares to can run the audio of his clip through a freeware voice analysis program called TVSA3 (you need to patch it with a freeware fix called TPPATCH). You can easily record the audio from the video clips using a freeware program called Audacity. TVSA3 is a type of lie detector that analyzes a person's voice. The expensive ones are in widespread use in various police departments. But this free one is good enough for casual use. Check out what it says about Sinclair.

Posted by: Nobama | Feb 3, 2008 10:32:58 AM

Is Hillary Clinton's campaign really so desperate to get back to the White House that she gave this chump a check for $5,000 from her own money to level these allegations against her rival, Barack Obama?

You know, the people of Arkansas -- particularly, the political class in Little Rock, say the Clintons are the most ruthless, brutal and power hungry people since Caesar.

I once thought such characterizations of the Clintons was the stuff of rightwing AM talkradio but, I think they're correct.

Posted by: Christopher | Feb 19, 2008 5:53:56 PM

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