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Video: Return of the 'thought crimes'

by Jeremy Hooper

Think our far-right opposition has given up on their "hate crimes = thought crimes" rhetoric since the unfortunate demise of the federal hate crimes legislation? Oh no, hopeful reader. As you can see in this clip from Focus on the Family's New Hampshire primary coverage, they are still working that line to scare folks off of voting for Clinton and Obama:

Yea, boys? Ted Kennedy admitted that this bill is really meant to "hammer" you guys? Gee, we must have missed that public statement. We did, however, hear him make many passionate statements like this:

And we have heard the Senator on multiple occasions denounce the sorts of attacks that you guy foster in your video. But the only place we've heard the idea that this bill is meant to target evangelical Christians is from the -- wait for it, wait for it -- THE EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS!

Please --and we sincerely mean this, FOF -- let us know where, exactly, we can find the Senator's confession. We'll be waiting.

Focus on the Family again using tired 'thought crimes' line [YouTube]

***Complete FOF videos can be viewed here: Focus Action Webcasts

**UPDATE: FOF pulled this video (unfairly, in our opinion). So we have repurposed and reposted it

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