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WND: Gays applaud B'back sex

by Jeremy Hooper

200801231450In their obituary for Heath Ledger, the writers at WorldNetDaily (who, back in the day, made a cottage industry out of attacking Brokeback) say the following about the actor's most known work:

"Brokeback Mountain," the story of two homosexual cowboys, was called "groundbreaking" by homosexual activists for the amount of "gay" sex shown on screen."

Yea? Really? That's why we praised it -- because of the sex (which was only in one non-exploitative scene)? Wow, and here we thought it was groundbreaking because it was Hollywood taking a true look at gay relationships and the inner and outer struggles that come from living in the closet. And we thought it was groundbreaking in the way it told a real and raw love story between that existed between two men.

But hey, what do we know? After all, we're just gays, which of course means we're not truly focused on the sorts of non-stigmatized portrayals that make our sexual orientations a non-issue, but rather on... -- oh, excuse me, I need to go watch some porn.

Actor Heath Ledger found dead in NYC [WND]

**RELATED: Why does this remind us of this very naughty Knocked Up outtake? Seriously NSFW:

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Your thoughts

Funny, it's not us that is constantly focused on the sex. Just groups like this one.

Dirty birds.

Posted by: Howard | Jan 23, 2008 5:03:18 PM

You're exactly right! Hetero sex is too graphic. It's very true but try getting that on CNN.

Posted by: PodJumper Podcast | Jan 24, 2008 3:33:21 AM

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