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Anti-gay books suck

by Jeremy Hooper

Say you're an anti-gay Anglican whose JOB it is to deal a BLOW to the queer community by writing a book. And say you wanted to ensure that book doesn't SUCK, so that your potential readers will be convinced to SWALLOW your logic and SPIT it out to their friends. What might the cover for said book look LICK like? Well, as the boys at Box Turtle Bulletin have shown us, it would look something like this:


Because apparently they feel the book lends itself to oral readings. But if you think that's suggestive, you should really see what's going on on the back flap!

God, Gays and the Church [Anglican Mainstream]

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Your thoughts

Ok, my eyesight is a little bad but is that cover a picture of a priest getting a bj from an alter boy while Jesus looks on?

Posted by: Robguy | Feb 18, 2008 6:44:07 AM

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