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Anti-gays shocked --SHOCKED! -- that gays are politically active

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images Barbercolor-1-1Yesterday we showed you how Focus on the Family's Caleb Price was acting like he had somehow found the out gay community's secret strategy simply because he had been made aware of an initiative to recruit pro-gay applicants to work in the next presidential administration.  Well now Matt Barber is carrying that same "I've caught those queers this time!" torch.  Here's how the AFA's One News Now site had regurgitated Matt's supposed "revelatory" views:

Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues at Washington, DC-based Concerned Women for America, says the project puts to rest the notion that there is no "gay agenda." He says the homosexual lobby is committed to infiltrating the executive branch with people who define their identity based on changeable, sexually deviant behavior.

"The ultimate goal, of course, being to have people who engage in these aberrant sexual behaviors in a position of power to influence public policy in such a way that they gain more power," he explains.

Members of the homosexual lobby have done a masterful job of equating their chosen, changeable sexual behavior with immutable characteristics such as skin color, says Barber.

"They're comparing apples to oranges, of course, because they are not the same," he says of the homosexual lobby's attempt at comparison. "They have hijacked the language of the genuine civil rights movement and, as such, in corporations around the country and in various governmental entities are considered minorities worthy of special consideration and special rights in terms of hiring practices."

Barber says the idea that a declaration of immoral sexual behavior makes for a better resume and would be a key to landing a high-ranking government job is "frightening.

Okay, so when you strip away all the hyperbole and fictitious claims that are the par for Matt's consistent course ("Changeable, sexually deviant behavior"; hijacking the civl rights movement; etc.), what you essentially have is yet another "pro-family" dude criticizing gay rights advocates for wanting to put in place leaders who will help with our rights and equality.  You know, EXACTLY LIKE THE ANTI-GAY RELIGIOUS RIGHT HAS BEEN DOING QUITE VOCALLY SINCE AT LEAST 1980 (and to a slightly lesser degree before)!  Hell, both the Concerned Women For America (Matt's org) and Focus on the Family are POLITICAL GROUPS!  One of their primary purposes is to influence public policy on gay rights issues.  By what hypocritical token do they have the right to criticize our side for wanting to gain ground on the political landscape?! 

Look, these characters want to challenge us on our issues and our righteousness, and that's totally fine.  We're quite confident that we have the tools in our arsenal to defeat anything they throw at us, and convinced that the American public is catching on at a rapid speed.  However, their political attempts to criticize our own political actions are just childish.  They've had their moment in the sun, and that moment contributed to one of the most unfortunate periods in modern American history.  Now we are quite unapologetically trying to make our own inroads, so we can work to achieve the change we want to see in the world (which is quite different from the "change" they want to see in us). 

This incoming wave of progress will inevitably lead to more and more attacks from our social conservative opposition. Cool.  Bring it. But please, for the sake of everyone's time: Leave at home the simplistic condemnations of the sheer fact that we ARE politically active.  Such is not news.    

Announced project proof of 'gay agenda,' says DC activist [ONN]

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