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Hutch's e-blasts: Destined to give congregants gay ennui

by Jeremy Hooper

This is an email that was sent out today by Rev. Ken Hutcherson:

Picture 5-115

So what you have here is a man who is clearly being interviewed to voice opposition to a woman's right to visit her lesbian partner in a hospital (or at least trying to hinder that right by his opposition to gay unions), and he is praying that God will give him the strength to voice these inhumane positions. It's absolutely disgusting. A human life was tragically lost. The person with whom she shared that life was almost prevented from being present in the final moments. And yet it is "Hutch", by expressing opposition to that live and love, who has declared himself and his supporters as being on the side of Godliness in this scenario?! Well, that's not exactly how we see it.

Then we have "Hutch" dedicating his second daily prayer to the possibility that he and two other 'mo foes will get the opportunity to discredit gay equality by disconnecting it from the African-American civil rights movement? As if by pointing out the nuance and gradation between two different battles against tyranny lessens the atrocities of either?! Look, we get that there are differences between the two movements! But there are also some real and profound connections. Not least among those is the fact that evangelicals were on the front lines casting stones and hampering progress in the African-Americans' struggle as well!!

But what do we know? We're simply agenda-laden sinners living only as fully as heterosexist religious folks will allow us to carry out our God-detached lives.

**For the incredibly sad story of Kate Fleming's death, go read this Seattle P-I story: Faulty storm drains may have led to woman's death in basement [Seattle PI]

**For more on Charlene Strong's visitation struggle and the activism it spurred, read this 2007 Ourchart posting: Thank You, Charlene Strong [Ourchart]

Documentary Filming and Challenge to Sno. Valley School District [Ab Church]

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Your thoughts

Seems like the Snoqualmie school district has a hard time standing up for its own mission statements on discrimination:

"[We pledge to] Expect the highest and greatest development of self-esteem, intellectual and creative abilities through a diverse and integrated curriculum, in a & caring and safe environment; Foster acceptance, appreciation and respect among students for themselves and others in the tradition of the cultural and ethnic diversity of our community, nation and world; Promote understanding and appreciation of the rights, duties, privileges and responsibilities through active involvement as a citizen in an ever-changing world &"

I would hope the school board recognizes that it has no place hosting such a debate (even though the event would not be used as a debate but as an airing ground for there religious bigotry and intolerance, since all three men share the same position and have already partnered themselves). But seeing as the school district has already turned its back to any obligation it might feel it has towards its LGBT students and families it wouldn’t surprise me if it jus as easily forget any need of separating church from state. Not that that would deter Hutch, who acts as if his status as a black Christian pastor makes him the ultimate authority whose priorities are above the consideration of all others.

I don’t think any other bigoted religious leader has gotten under my skin more than this man.

Posted by: Patrick B | Feb 28, 2008 6:40:01 PM

The film is called "For My Wife" and is being made by Trick Dog Films. I'm not entirely positive, but I think it's two straight guys who are making the film.


[email protected] if you want to write them

Posted by: geo | Feb 28, 2008 11:39:39 PM

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