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Maybe he meant Barney's drag name is 'Pretty Squeamish'?

by Jeremy Hooper

Bfrank-1We all know that out gay Rep. Barney Frank came under fire during the less-than-great ENDA debate of 2007; but is the gay icon "pretty squeamish on the trans issue"? Yes, said outgoing NGLTF executive director Matt Foreman on yesterday's edition of "The Michelangelo Signorile Show." PageOneQ has that audio:

NGLTF's Foreman: Barney Frank is 'squeamish' on transgender issues [PageOneQ]

According to Signorile, Frank will appear on today's show to respond to the claims. According to our inside sources, Signorile & company will either (a) surround the congressman with transgender individuals who will touch him with various parts of their bodies to see if they can elicit even a squirm, or (b) have a dignified chat wherein they give the congressman a chance to defend himself against the claims. You'll have to tune in to Sirius OutQ (Ch. 109) at 3:30 today to find out which they go with.

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Your thoughts

The debate over Barney Frank’s rape of ENDA created a huge pool of honest activists who are sick to death of the constant backstabbing of Democrats like Billary Clinton, Frank, Pelosi, Obama and etc. After the election the Democrats might pass this or that impotent version of ENDA or the hate crimes act. On the other hand, it’s just as likely they’ll drop them like they just did to win support from conservative Democrats and Republicans during the 2008 elections. They won’t repeal Billary Clintons DOMA. In their minds we don’t count for much but the ‘contributions’ and votes of bigots do.

They might repeal DADT if the need for cannon fodder becomes too great because they invade Iran (Billary’s idea) or Pakistan (Obama’s retarded plan) or both. Then again they could reintroduce the draft or play the nuclear card.

However they do it the Democrats will wield their back stabbing knives and since most people who vote for them are far to their left that combination of factors will quicken their breakup. Like the Republicans who are due for a historic drubbing at the hands of those who still bother to vote, when that mantle passes to the Democrats they too will be exposed as a party owned lock, stock and barrel by bigots, union busters and oil pirates.

When their post election splintering gets serious we’ll want to form alliances with disenchanted unions, groups representing African Americans and immigrants, the antiwar movement and others. We’ve supported those groups in the past but this time around we’re cohesive enough to do in our won name and to press them to support our agenda. The prospects for alliance building are much better because we not the only ones with bleeding back wounds.

In terms of leadership potential we have an embarrassment of riches. A movement wide coalition could be formed by UnitedENDA or groups like NGLTF or Pride at Work. The post elections struggles won’t be supported HRC, the Log Cabinites or the Stonewall Democrats – as usual they’ll put party before principle.

However it works out, it’ll be fun to watch and to be a part of it.

Posted by: Bill Perdue | Feb 15, 2008 3:20:45 PM

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