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'Milk Day' proposed; misinformed vegans up in arms

by Jeremy Hooper

California Assemblymember Mark Leno has announced that he'll introduce legislation that would, if passed, formally recognize the birthday of gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk (May 22) as a non-fiscal state holiday:

Lawmaker wants to make Harvey Milk's birthday state holiday [AP via MercuryNews.com]

Unlike other holidays, Leno says that Milk Day would not shut down the government. However, we do hear that it will request all state employees to enter their orifices offices through the rear entrance.

Whatever that even means.

**RELATED MILK STUFF: The Slashfilm website has some exclusive pics that give insight into how Sean Penn will look in the upcoming Milk film:


Check out their site for many more.

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Everyone knows Adrian Brody should have played Milk and Matt Damon (once he's done fucking Sarah Silverman), Dan White.

Posted by: Franc | Feb 4, 2008 10:38:50 PM

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