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NYC weekend: Some will be yellin', some will be schmoozin'

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 1-154Tomorrow night, while Human Rights Campaign friends and supporters are getting all gussied up for their annual NYC fundraising gala, another group of LGBT individuals and allies will be outside the Hilton Ballroom protesting what they see as the organization's failure in pushing for a trans-inclusive ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act). More info about the protest can be found at link:

Tell HRC that Trans Rights=Queer Rights! [Radical Homosexual Agenda]

If you fall on the side that says protesting our national rights groups can lead to positive change, then by all means join up with these activists. If you fall on the side that thinks such matters should be hashed out in private, or you think that HRC deserves a little slack on this one -- well, then there's a fantastic Thai restaurant not too far away from the Hilton where you can rally your taste buds rather than your political ideas. However, if you fall into a third category that finds L's, G's, B's, and T's to be disgusting and unworthy of existence: Then please get ye'self to the nearest bridge or tunnel, as most of us came to Manhattan to get away from your narrow viewpoints.

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