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Organic vs. canned: In veggies or sexuality, the former trumps the latter

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 4-121Speaking on the Love Won Out "ex-gay" conferences and the growth in participation levels that they claim to have experienced, professional "former lesbian" Melissa Fryrear (pic.) says the following to Focus on the Family's CitizenLink:

Similar to Exodus' experience, in our Love Won Out ministry we are also hearing from so many men and women who no longer want to live a gay or lesbian identity,” she said. “They are discontented living homosexually, convinced of God's truth about sexuality and desirous for God to radically transform their lives.

"Even as gay-affirming as the culture is today, that doesn't seem to matter to them. They want something different; they want what God has for them instead.”

We say back to Mel:

"Nobody is naturally "discontented" with who they are. Non-acceptance and self-loathing sentiment are cultivated by bias and prejudice. And programs like Love Won Out are essentially factory farms for producing queer-hostile mindsets.

To hear you tell it, Melissa, it sounds like people all across the country are simply using their own mind and intellect to reject the "gay-affirming culture" and instead turn to these programs. In reality, however, the "ex-gay" chickens came before these impressionable little gay eggs who are seeking "change." Exodus and Love Won Out TELL people that God wants something different for their lives. They also warn people that living one's gay truth will lead them straight to the land down under (not Australia, the other one). And all while eschewing the advice of the credible scientific and medical communities (facts be damned!), these programs promise a radical transformation as a means to saved these now-frightened souls. So it's not like those who attend these conferences and programs (many of whom,
we have already learned, are not actually gay but are instead "concerned" loved ones) are REALLY coming to an organic realization about gayness. They are being led by a savvy team of politically, socially, and religiously opportunistic mentors!

Everyone has a right to guide their own lives, and everyone has a right to identify as they wish. Few of us would disagree with that. But with the "ex-gay" movement in general and Love Won Out specifically, what you have is a well-financed, well-connected outside force that is muddying the waters of sexuality. They are challenging the "gay-accepting culture" with their own gay-shunning culture, making it sound as if it is a situation deserving of two equal viewpoints. Rather than seeing gay acceptance as an organic development due to an increase in accurate representations, raised consciousness levels, and heightened understanding, the "ex-gay" movement views LGBT progression as the product of an insidious agenda, the likes of which needs to be halted. And again --

So we refuse to let you, Melissa, foster an illusion that has thousands upon thousands of gays realistically looking towards their biological desires and sag, "
Nah, this same-sex attraction just doesn't feel right." Without the marginalization and stigmatization coming from Focus on the Family's direction, it's highly unlikely that they'd see any reason to feel that they are broken."

Exodus International Sees Dramatic Growth [CitizenLink]

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