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Pete vs. CNN's militant pronouns

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 5-110You know how our opposition insists on putting words like "gay" in fear quotes, so as to let everyone know that they don't buy into the linguistic agenda in their midst? Well Peter LaBarbera today takes that concept to a new level. In an article in which he discusses the mother of a transgender child who recently appeared on CNN to discuss the issue of gender identity/expression within the public school system, Pete includes a quote from that appearance. However, as you will see, he simply could not do so without the assistance of brackets and alternate pronouns. Says Pete:

Interestingly, the mother (CNN caption: “parent of transgender child”), Kim Pearson, describes how her daughter “pretty much lived like a boy growing up … He [editor: she] was just … all around very masculine, and I didn’t discourage that. I just let him [editor: her] — I just went with it. And so he [she] didn’t have a lot of discomfort around it because he [she] was freely expressing himself. It wasn’t until his [her] body started changing that he [she] started having a lot of difficulty.”

Could it be that permissive parenting plays a major role in encouraging a gender-confused identity in a child?

What, Pete? Were you worried that folks might read the words "tranny insanity" in your headline or terms like "gender-confused" in your body text and somehow accuse you of being too trans-sensitive [editor: humane and open-minded]? Because seriously, dude, we're thinking that you have little to worry about in that department. Your standpoint [editor: biased outlook] is quite clear and quite disturbing [editor: Oh, no, I actually meant that one.]

WATCH IT: Tranny Insanity at CNN — No Other Side on 8-Year-old Boy Gender Confusion Story [AFT]

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