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Report: Sinclair prob. never met Obama's 'staff'

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 11-63Sorry, Clinton staffers. It looks like Larry Sinclair, the man who claims to have once had a drug-fueled affair with Barack Obama, is being less than truthful about the matter. Prelimary reports from lie detector tests show that there was "deception indicated" in both Sinclair's drug and sex claims:

Deception Indicated in Both of Larry Sinclair's Polygraph Tests by First Polygraph Expert [WhiteHouse.com]

Mr. Sinclair, don't be surprised should your watch start reading 14:59. That's just the countdown on your "15 minutes of Internet 'fame'" clock.

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You mean he could be lying. I'm shocked (eyes rolling heavenward)

Posted by: | Feb 25, 2008 6:09:08 PM

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