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Solmonese: It's an all-inclusive marathon, not a trans-vacating sprint

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 2-130Saturday night in NYC, the Human Rights Campaign's Joe Solmonese again defended the organization's stance on a non-inclusive ENDA as just one bump in a long road, saying that the LGBT community is "in the grueling, blinding middle of this fight and the middle of this fight is the hardest part." For more comments from both Solmonese and his detractors/skeptics, check out this Gay City News article:

Snubbed by NYC Pols, HRC Answers Its Critics [Gay City News]

No word on whether Solmonese's latest call for patience will restore a bit of peace to our little LGBT king&queendom, or if it will lead to more accusations of short-sighted thinking on the part of our largest national group. Though we must admit: At this point, it looks more likely that we'll all get on the same page of Jerry Falwell's autobiography faster than we'll get on the the same page of this ENDA drama.

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