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What, TVC -- would horns have been too much?

by Jeremy Hooper

So check out this picture that is posted on the website, BiPolarNation.com:

Obama,Barack W.Jpg

It's certainly not the best we've ever seen Barack look. But it's not a totally bad photo, right? Okay, well now check this out: On the website of one of the gay community's most unhinged adversaries, the Traditional Values Coalition, they are running an article wherein they try and connect the presidential hopeful with the Nation of Islam and Louis Farakhan. And in that piece, they use a cropped version of the above photo to illustrate their point. However, apparently Obama didn't look unsavory enough to for their absurd claims, so they've made a few changes to the photo:


Yes, that's right -- for no ostensible reason, TVC has completely changed the contrast of this photo, giving it subtle reddish tones. It's telling enough that they even chose this particular photo, as there are more more easily found options that would have provided a straightforward illustration. But no -- they instead cropped an obscure image, then made the deliberate choice to give Barack a devilish glow, lest anyone be confused how they feel about the man. How's that for good, decent, ethical, clean values?

To read the nutty piece and see the altered photo for yourself, click the link:

Senator Barack Obama’s Nation Of Islam Connection Exposed! [TVC]

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Your thoughts

And why would the TVC run this story? Let's see. Could it be that they are realizing that Obama could actually be the nominee? And could it be that that fucks with their lust to have Clinton as their opponent?

And this kind of crap works. Last week I had dinner with a friend. This friend's father serves on the board of one of the most prestigious medical schools in the nation. I brought up Obama and she said "Well, I would vote for him but he is a Muslim and that scares me"

"Where did you hear that?" I asked, shocked that she bought whatever bs someone was selling her.

"From my mother"

TVC knows that some in the evangelical community might vote for Obama. And they also know that next to none will vote for Hillary. So...they have to poison the waters before their dream of defeating Hillary in the general election collapses

Posted by: Jon-Marc | Feb 6, 2008 5:07:23 PM

I'm no fan of Obama because of the whole McClurkin/"ex-gay" thing (not to mention his campaign calls my house 2-5 times a day, asking for donations - thanks to my roomie donating early on in his campaign LOL).

But this is just ridiculous and desperate. These stupid people REALLY want Huckabee (or somebody equally as retarded and backwards) to be the next president, who will run this country into the ground so bad that the USA will make Haiti look like paradise.

Good thing the younger people in this country are getting more mobilized and hopefully will secure a dem in the White House over a republican.

Posted by: Scott | Feb 7, 2008 8:43:25 AM

The picture also makes Barak's skin look darker. My first thought was that they were trying to make him look 'blacker' in order to leverage the racist element in their ranks.

Posted by: Larry | Feb 7, 2008 1:39:28 PM

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