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Wherein 'Christian Post' drops the mask

by Jeremy Hooper

Holy shnikeys, hell must have officially frozen over. For the first time in recent memory, an evangelical publication has eschewed the usual "pro-family" label and instead referred to a queer-hostile group (in this case, Peter LaBarbera's Americans For Truth) by the more truthful "anti-gay" label:

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Bravo, Jennifer Riley! You have correctly pinpointed that folks like Pete are not merely "pro-family" or "pro-marriage" (labels they obviously use as a way to make their movement look positive rather than discriminatory), but are instead working against gays and their rights. Here's hoping this is an indication that CP has turned over a new leaf -- one that sees a journalistic need to cut through spin, not help it along its message-muddying course.

Anti-Gay Group Criticizes Wheaton College Speaker [Christian Post]

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Your thoughts

Im sure an editor is getting a good telling-off for that.

Posted by: Suricou Raven | Feb 21, 2008 5:12:44 PM

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