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Audio: Pat unlikely to be Portia & Ellen's ring bearer

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 11-64Speaking on the topic of the court battle to have marriage equality put in place in California, longtime foe of anything gayer than pink glitter, Pat Robertson, has the following to say:

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Short list of bullsh*t charges:

- The idea that the "will of the people" has been infallibly locked into California law: That's a mistake in many ways. For one primary reason, it's been eight years since Prop 22 was adopted, and public opinion has drastically changed in that time. But even if the people had spoken in a more recent and concrete way, the courts have a responsibility to protect a minority from the tyranny of majority rule. There is no safety in numbers when it comes to bias and the correction thereof.

-Marriage is about children: We refuse to delve back into this with considerable detail as we've already done that this week. But seriously -- can we drop this charge?!? Kids are not a marital requirement! And gay people have children!! Nobody is "against kids," and in fact, marriage equality would only help ALL kids have an easier shake at happiness.

-Gays "practice sex": We're actually no longer in rehearsals. Our sex show has opened to RAVE REVIEWS!

-California has "civil unions": California actually has "domestic partnerships." True, they are the most comprehensive in the nation and are pretty much the same as "civil unions." Technically, however, they are "domestic partnerships." And regardless of the terminology, they are a shortsighted stop-gap that force gay couples to get in another line to obtain their rights!

-These legal partnerships come with all the benefits: Not all. Not even close. Sure, they provide many state-level rights and benefits. But they are still not the currency that everyone understands without qualifiers: MARRIAGE. And without this universal language, gay couples are especially at risk when venturing outside the California state lines. We WILL NOT and CANNOT stop the push, both in CA and nationwide.

Court Skeptical of Marriage Definition Change [CBN]

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